Radio First Termer: Photographs of Dave and his tours in South Vietnam

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This is one of the prostitutes on the menu at one of the "Gentlemen's Clubs" around Phan Rang.

This was the training area at Phan Rang where the security police as well as the augmentees trained on all the weapons before they went out for actual assignments.

This photo is a bit fuzzy, but these are the two friends of Dave's that he made while at Phan Rang who worked in the Relay Station that were instrumental in getting Radio First Termer heard.

This is a shot of the Phan Rang Relay Station.  The two friends of Dave in the photo to the left worked here.

This is the Phan Rang NCO club aka (also known as) "Maggot City" & "Liferville."

This is the stage at the Phan Rang Airman's Club aka (also known as) "First Timer Heaven" & "Hardville."

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