Radio First Termer: Photographs of Dave and his tours in South Vietnam

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This is Dave on an APC.  The guy with Dave on
the APC was a friend of his.

This picture, and the two below, are of Dave during his "augmentee assignment" at Phan Rang. It was a 30-day operation that the Air Force created to help supplement the perimeter security police force in the guard towers and command jeeps. According to Dave, airmen in the program had to complete weapons training and learn everything, including the proper use of grenades, and even how to operate a 50 Cal. machine gun (Dave's Favorite). One night, Dave got to ride in the command jeep and stand up on the back of the jeep and operate the 50 Cal. machine gun, which for him harkened back to the old television show "The Rat Patrol."  Dave says that he also got to deliver a lot of harassment fire during the assignment.

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