Radio First Termer: Photographs of Dave and his tours in South Vietnam

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Here are two of the local protitutes in a tree.  Dave has no recollection of what they were doing in the tree.

This is Dave during his day off at the Motor Pool waiting for his truck to be gassed up for a convoy along Highway One to Cam Rahn Bay AFB.  Dave is reading over his shopping list for the items that he intended to procure at the Cam Rahn Bay BX.

This is the flight line at Cam Ranh Bay AFB. The commercial plane (freedom bird) that sits in the distance is one of the "freedom birds" that brought in new troops and took the "survivors"  back to the "world" again. However, the aircraft to the right is the type that took back the not so lucky. Dave dedicated Led Zeppelin's "Heartbreaker" to the new troops with this scene in mind. It was the only song that Dave played every night during the brief but legendary 21-day run of Radio First Termer.

This is a neat shot of a old deserted Buddhist Temple that Dave took along Highway One.

This is a Vietnamese check point along Highway One.

This photo is of a herd of Water Buffalo along Highway One.  It was not uncommon for Water Buffalo to get hit by convoy trucks because they roamed free and uncontained by fences.

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