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"Having eaten in about 40% of the NC joints you listed, and being a real Q fan, I am just happy as a pig in slop to be able to read about my favorite food. Keep up the good work." B. B. (11-6-00)
That's a bunch of joints!

"Great site! A reference work to the art of true pit bbq . Your site will be enjoyed by many!" D. L. (9-16-00)
It truly is an art!

"Superb site...thanks. Hope to build a Wilbur clone, and up here in northern Ontario, Canada will use it all year. " C. Y. (7-1-00)
Hope you keep a fire in the old boy's belly!

"DAMN GOOD SITE!!! Thank you" J. M. (8-22-00)

"What a treat to come across your mouth watering barbecue page! Pulled pork bbq is my all time favorite North Carolina gastronomic delight. I started my search and after a number of false starts….there you were…North Carolina Pulled Pork Barbecue……mmmmmmm……succulent pork with that smoke flavor….and the tomato-free vinegar based sauce…..and the white bun….oh, yes this was the real thing! Thanks for putting all that information out on the web for me to find" W. (6-12-00)
Nothing could be finer!

"I loved your site! It is great and I will be checking back to see if you have added anything new." M. (6-12-00)
It just keeps growing!

"I have visiting your site. I will return soon. I've got to get some work done today. Thanks." G.G. (4-10-00)
Why spoil the fun?

"I just spent the last couple of hours looking over your web page. Good stuff! Entertaining and full of good tips. Thanks!" T. (4-9-00)
Come on back when you can stay a while!

"I was born in Lexington. My mother used to make BBQ using the Lexington recipes. She would invite all the aunts, uncles and cousins over. We would put the BBQ on large white buns, add the slaw, and wash it down with an ice cold Coca Cola. Thanks for providing this fabulous website." B.C. (11-28-99)
Now you are making me hungry!

"Your site is a proper and fitting homage to the Grail of Good Eats. Any swine'll do if he's done right and it sure looks like you know how to do 'im proud! Thanks for a nice site." M.H. (2-6-00)
You bet!

"Just found your site while looking for some helpful hints for this weekend's pig pickin in Statesville, NC. Thanks for a great site & the helpful information. Not to mention the laughs!" L.S. (9-28-99)
My pleasure.

"Great BBQ site; "The Lexington Collection". I enjoyed your sections on BBQ philosophy, cookery, etc. Although I don't get to do much Smoking and Grilling here in NYC, I love to eat the stuff, and again, I appreciate your contributions to the art and science." J.T. (9-4-99)
I reckon that a load of hickory wood is a little difficult to come by there.

"Beautiful web site!! Unbelievable !! Wilbur is amazing. I was doing some internet research prior to designing a pit for myself." M.H. (12-15-98)
Yes, old Wilber is pretty cool cat.

"I've been extolling the virtues of eastern NC BBQ for years, but never could explain it very well...and to my yankee friends...sheesh! The concept of BBQ is totally alien. When I say BBQ to them, the only thing that comes to mind is barbequed chicken. Anyway, your site is wonderful, fantastic, and made me very hungry." S.B. (11-29-98)
That makes my day!

"Three cheers and a huzzah for your superb site." N.C. (11-11-98)
Hey, watch that huzzah stuff!

"Your web site has made me homesick for some decent barbeque. I'm a native of Goldsboro and was raised on the stuff." G.H. (11-09-98)
Thank you very much!

"In celebration of the 10th Annual Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational Barbecue, we hosted a Web competition for the best barbecue sites. Yours was selected as a winner by our panel of distinguished judges and barbecue connoisseurs." J.D. (10-26-98)
Thanks, folks. I'll drink to that.

"Thanks for a fabulous site. Spent an hour reading it." M.B. (10-7-98)

"Outstanding job. I've only gotten part of the way through your site and had to stop to write." O.C. & M (9-11-98)
Awh, go on!

"Absolutely loved your website. Thanks for taking the time to document your (Wilber D. Hog) project and share it with the world." M.B. & W.K. (10-6-98)
My pleasure!

"I love your web site! It looks good, it has humor, intelligence, history, language, sports, kudzu and you cook too!" L.C. (7-21-98)
Thank you very much!

"This site is a tour de force! Not only is it an excellent excursion into the world of NC BarBQue, but it is a really well designed and laid out site." P.L. (7-4-98)

"Okay, so maybe NC barbeque is better than barbeque in SC!!! And your web page is better too! Thanks for a great site...it's awesome!" (5-31-98)
Well, South Carolina barbecue does have its charms, too.

"There is a God!!!! Today my prayers were answered. Having been transplanted to California ... I have been without pork for years until today. I have always teased with the idea of cooking my own pig, but it seemed a little much. After having read your page, I found new inspiration. " (5-1-98)
Sound like a religious experience is about to happen!

"I posted a message in alt.food.barbeque, looking for some North Carolina Barbeque. I was given the URL to your site... WOW! I'M IN HOG HEAVEN!!!" (5-12-98)
Uh, oh! This is getting out of hand.

"I absolutely think this is the greatest site in the history of ahh.. the ... South! Really it's wonderful. I love NC Pulled Pork - and I WILL make a Wilber Brick BBQ! " (5-18-98)
Well, that may be stretching it a bit, but thanks anyhow!

"Just had to stop and say, your page is GREAT!" (4-25-98)
Thanks for stopping by!

"Absolutely stunning web pages. You may have given me the inspiration to finally create my own pit. (Have been thinking/talking about it for years.)" (4-23-98)
Go for it!

"Vastly amusing--outloud chuckles--and just the info I want. Thanks." (4-14-98)
That tickles me pink!

"Enjoy the devil out of your site." (4-4-98)
They suffer least who suffer what they choose.

"While roaming the net ... I found your site describing the birth of Wilber. What a treat. Kudos to you for building a great cooker AND a great website." (3-31-98)
Wilber D. Hog rules!

"Enjoy your website and appreciate your efforts to defend authentic barbecue." (3-28-98)
Thanks for the encouragement.

"You are doing a great job of keeping the world aware of true NC Bar-B-Que." (2-28-98)

"I don't usually write fan letters, to webmasters or anyone else, but I have to let you know that I think your website is superb -- interesting, well laid out, attractive, easy to navigate, and literate too! Congratulations on a job very well done. " (10-9-97)
Oh, my!

"Thanks for a great bar-b-q page." (8-18-97)
You are welcome.

"I really like the "Q" page. As a former NC resident, I really enjoyed seeing NC BBQ getting the exposure it so greatly deserves. Can't wait to come HOME for Christmas and get a "heapin' helpin" of that NC barbeque. Keep up the good work!" (7-17-97)
I'll be sure the boys have a sandwich or three ready when you get here!

"I am from upstate South Carolina, and I loved your site. I tried smoking pork today for the first time, and it produced the most beautiful meat that I have ever cooked. Thank you for your guidance." (6-6-97)
Where did you say you live?

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for this site and great info. I had a yearning not to be denied for some barbeque like I used to eat at Allen & Son's ... your recipes will make my summer bbq!" (6-2-97)
What time did you say that barbecue would be ready to eat?

"This is a great site! So glad there are others out there that know NC Q (vs. the other stuff!). BTW, I enjoyed the piggy picts! Keep up the great info!" (5-16-97)
Those porcine pictures are real beauties, aren't they?

"GREAT web site. Thank you for the time and effort you put in so I might enjoy." (3-27-97)
Thanks! It's a recreational activity for me.

"Great Pages! We have several things in common. Appreciation of BBQ and golf. Thanks for your fine addition to the web." (1-17-97)
Now if only eating barbecue would help with making those 5-foot putts ...

"Thanks for for giving NC barbecue some well-deserved publicity. Your efforts are truly appreciated." (9-3-96)
The pleasure is all mine!

"Thanks for a great web-site - certainly the best site for info on NC barbecue." (9-3-96)
I appreciate that!

"I love your home page and consider it a real service to the uninitiated." (8-15-96)
Glad you like it!

"Great barbeque web page!" (8-6-96)

"Just had to comment. My ... brother ... went to school one halloween as kudzu. A big vine strolling down the highway ... was a traffic stopping outfit. Cool site." (7-19-96)
The practical uses for kudzu never cease to boggle the mind!

" Great site you have, keep up the excellent work. I, being from New England, never realized how important this art form is in many parts of the country." (7-1-96)
Indeed, the ubiquity of barbecue is one of its many appeals!

"Nice work! Most people have never seen or tasted real barbecue, it is nice to see something other than how can I get my gas grill to ..." (6-22-96)
Gas grills do have some uses, but not in barbecue cookery.

"One of the best non-commercial web pages I have seen. Enjoyed the visit and BBQ information." (6-22-96)
Glad you could stop by for a visit!

"A pleasure to see someone on the net who knows barbecue. Enjoyed your site. Keep up the good work." (6-21-96)
We'll try!

"Your BBQ page makes me miss the southeast even more than ever. Thanks so very much for creating a great link for BBQers." (6-5-96)
My pleasure.

"Had a great time visiting your web site. Wish I had some BBQ to enjoy it with." (5-22-96)
Thanks for stopping by!

"I found out about your barbecue listing from another (NC State fan) on the net, whose son at Harvard Law School sent him the Website location. The son ... attended the State/UNC game last year and we ate McCalls Barbeque for lunch that day." (5-12-96)
The Web works in mysterious ways!

"I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed reading your collection of curiosities. I saw your posting on the alt.food.barbecue newsgroup, so I started with the Lexington links. But I ended up looking at most of everything -- it was that enjoyable!" (5-9-96)
Nice to hear!

"Great pages! I just spent an hour looking through it all." (5-4-96)
Thanks for the comments!

"Your web site is great!! Is it new?" (04-29-96)
It went on the nando.net WWW server for noncommercial ISP customers in April 1996.


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