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Re: [nafex] Weed fabric

My 2 cents worth. I use wood chips for my mulch and it does a very good job of
keeping down the weeds and it decomposes over time to provide more nutrients
for the trees. I spread it about 6 inches thick It lasts a number of years and
keeps the ground underneath moist and loose. There are a lot of earthworms in
it so I take that as a good sign.
Out here in Oregon they are easy to come by but expensive since the logging
industry has all but disappeared. It costs about $300 for a chip truck
full.(about 80 c.y.)
You can also get them free from the power co. when they are trimming trees
along the power lines.

ED Mashburn wrote:

> At 09:25 AM 7/4/00 -0400, you wrote:
> In reply to these comments:  I agree with Lon, I have used fabric and do
> not like the long term results. I have found the same problems. I have
> access to large amounts of leaves and find that they are the best in the
> long run, I apply about 5 to 6 inches of leaves to the rows in the fall and
> sometimes again in the early summer. This has provided adequet mulch, weed
> suppression and organic matter in the rows (of gooseberries and currants).
> I do not like clover because it is a heavy moisture user and tends  to
> creep into the rows. I have grass growing in the alleyways between the rows
> and blow the clippings onto the rows as I cut the grass.
> This method has allowed me to grow berries without irrigation to the rows.
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