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Re: [nafex] Doughnut peach

Thanks Donna....
Guess the next logical question might be.
Has anyone one in the greater NAFEX community had any success with Doughnut in
Zone 5 or 6?
Funny though, speaking of your volunteer peach, Gianni's miracle blooms in March
and has froze and still, like a trooper every year, still fruits? I can't figure
it out. Could not a seakelp or seaweed spray if used upon the point of flowering
be used to guard against freezing flowers as seakelp/weed builds plant tissue
and traps moisture within cells. I used some this year on grapes and citrus with 
some success for trials.
Wonder what kind of doughnut productivity I might have, grafting doughnuts on 
miracles???? The chill hours would still be the same, no? Possibly any mixing
characteristics from both a possibility?

Best wishes,
Kieran or Donna wrote:
> Gianni,
>     Maybe the reason we don't hear about the doughnut peach has something to
> do with chilling hours.  Did someone say they crop in Mississippi?  Didn't
> Dave Ulmer say something about 400 chilling hours?  400 chilling hours in
> Tenn translates to blooming about the end of January.  I've got a seedling
> peach right now, a volunteer apparently from some grocery peach from further
> south.  It blooms about 2 weeks before my local seedlings, and has zero hope
> of cropping.  Which reminds me.  It's a monster, having popped up in the
> garden about 5 years ago, and I'm thinking about whacking it back and
> putting both my European plums on it.  Can I bark graft them?  It's WAY too
> big to think about budding on it.  What do you think?  My first grafts ever
> were bark grafts of plum on plum, and I got 1 out of 2.      Donna TN z6
> P.S.  If we don't start having some winter here pretty soon, maybe 400
> chilling hour peaches will be the way to go.

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