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Re: [nafex] Rodent Damage

I was raking leaves this morning and noticed that rabbits have already
started nibbling away the buds from my blueberry bushes.  I put a 2'
chicken wire fence around them this afternoon.  Do you think this will
do the job?  I'm worried they will dug or push under the bottom of the
fence, which is just attached to those metal poles--the kind you sink in
with your foot on the "t", and that has holes and tabs stamped into the
metal to attach fencing to.

The fences is taller than the bushes, so if they get covered with snow,
I expect the bushes will be okay.  They're also on the top of a slope,
so they're unlikely to get covered with snow unless we get more snow
than usual.

Ginda Fisher
eastern MA, zone 6