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Dissertation Information for Lourdes Collantes

- Lourdes Collantes

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Rutgers University (USA) (1992)

- James D. Anderson

- Betty J. Turock
- Daniel O'Connor
- Tefko Saracevic
- Arlene G. Taylor

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Agreement in naming objects and concepts for information retrieval

Abstract: The naming of objects and concepts in information retrieval contexts by users themselves was explored because of the vocabulary problem in communication between users and information system. How do people name things? Can they find information about these things by using these names?

The study investigated the representation of users' knowledge (names of objects and concepts), database representation for similar objects/concepts, and degree of agreement among users and between users and information system.

Three groups of users (undergraduates, graduate students, librarians) were asked to give names to 20 illustrations and 20 texts. Names generated were compared with each other and with LC subject headings on exact and keyword basis. Degree of agreement was calculated using similarity measures. Analysis was on name and user levels. Cross product ratio analysis was used to explore the relationship between agreement on names and retrieval of information.

The study identified patterns of naming and patterns of agreement in naming objects and concepts. Findings suggest wide variability in naming. The number of names differed greatly from one stimulus to another. Agreement on particular names was low but at least one name for each item was relatively popular among users.

Agreement between pairs of users averaged 25% to 26%. While some users tend to agree more than others, there is no difference among user groups in number of names generated or in agreement on names. Levels of agreement, in descending order, were highest for names given to illustrations, followed by abstracts and lowest for names given to search statements.

Average match with LCSH was 6 names per item and 7.68 names based on keywords. Name-LCSH agreement was low but names with higher agreement among users were more likely to match LCSH.

Naming of objects and concepts indicated a pattern of agreement and variability. Retrieval system design and document representation should accommodate the characteristics of naming and the natural patterns of users' naming behavior.

Naming seems to be user specific and object/concept specific, suggesting that any naming paradigm should be broadened to include aspects both internal and external with respect to the user.

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