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Dissertation Information for Inhee Lee

- Inhee Lee

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Rutgers University (USA) (1994)

- Jorge Schement

- Dong-Youl Jeong
- Jerry Aumente
- Milton Mueller

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Perspectives for the development of Korean videotex systems and services based upon a comparison between France and the United States

Abstract: Videotex as an electronic information delivery system has been around for over a decade. Because of its innovative way of information provision, videotex has been viewed as a herald of the information age. Most industrialized countries have developed their own videotex systems for public use. They believe that the existence of videotex not only becomes a feature of the information society but also leads to an improved communication infrastructure.

Korea, a newly industrialized and informatizing country in Asia, has been promoting the development of electronic information systems to be competitive in the rapidly changing world economy. Despite the increasing prominence of Korea on the international telecommunications scene, a survey of the literature on Korea's information and telecommunications reveals notable gaps in the amount and quality of information available on the topic.

This dissertation compares six variables of videotex development in France, and the U.S.: (1) terminal standard; (2) terminal diffusion; (3) billing system; (4) system architecture; (5) service provision; and (6) regulatory structure. Based upon the comparison of these variables between France and the U.S., and the survey of Korean information and telecommunications experts, this study presents a model of videotex systems and services for Korea.

The objective of this study is two-fold: (1) to present model videotex systems and services suitable for Korea; and (2) to fill the gap in the body of existing literature on Korea's videotex development. To accomplish the objective, this study conducted a mail survey of Korean information and telecommunications experts. The results of the comparison and survey have contributed to the construction of model videotex systems and services.

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