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Dissertation Information for Jean Ellen Coleman

- Jean Ellen Coleman

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Rutgers University (USA) (1996)

- Richard W. Budd

- David Carr
- Betty J. Turock
- Anabel Newman

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Title: Literacy education programs in public libraries as a response to a socio-educational need: Four case studies

Abstract: Empowering individuals and groups to increase their skills for coping with their life needs is a current popular concept. Having literacy skills to read, comprehend and apply information obtained from reading is basic to individual empowerment.

Literacy is a culturally defined concept. Societal changes shift the purpose, skills and scope of knowledge required for a person to be considered literate. In the United States, defining literacy is related to the measurement of the individual's level of basic skill achievement and the application of those skills. Studies conducted since 1975 estimated that at least 27 million Americans did not have sufficient basic reading and communication skills to perform in certain competency areas needed in everyday living.

Public and state library agencies focus on providing literacy education programs for adults primarily using state and federal Library Services and Construction Act (LSCA) funds. In FY 1990, for example, the U.S. Department of Education, granted $5,365,000 in federal LSCA funds. Expansion of library literacy programs will depend upon the belief that the public library has a significant role in literacy education.

This study examined the "how and why" public libraries become involved in providing literacy education programs. The study was conducted between 1988 and 1990. The case study method was used to collect data from four public libraries located in different geographic areas in the country. Data was collected by interviews with key program participants, from program documents and by observation. The libraries involved in the study meet specific criteria including the criteria that the literacy program was conducted for more than three years.

Study results point to thirty program factors practiced by all four of the public library literacy education programs. Two factors important to the success of literacy tutorial programs are the support given by the library administration to the service and the acceptance and support of the community: learners, volunteers and funding agencies.

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