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Dissertation Information for Cassidy Rose Sugimoto

- Cassidy Rose Sugimoto

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (USA) (2010)

- Gary Marchionini

- Diane Kelly
- Linda C. Smith
- Paul Solomon
- Barbara Marie Wildemuth

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Mentoring, collaboration, and interdisciplinarity: An evaluation of the scholarly development of information and library science doctoral students

Abstract: This study evaluated the development of scholars within the field of information and library science (ILS) with an emphasis on mentoring, collaboration, and interdisciplinarity in the process of doctoral education. Using methodological triangulation of more than 200 questionnaires, 30 interviews, and the bibliometric analysis of 97 dissertation bibliography and curriculum vitae pairs, this study provides a description of the process of educating ILS doctoral students. Main findings from the study show that advisors serve as the most dominant mentor in the doctoral process and provide guidance and support of the student to prepare them for a career in research. Committee members serve a similar function, although to a lesser degree. Doctoral student colleagues provide emotional support and role-modeling. However, although there are multiple individuals providing support and guidance, the doctoral process is largely driven by the student. Collaboration of some form occurs in the majority of the advising relationships, however, slightly less than 50% of advisees co-publish with their advisors. The doctoral dissertation is not considered to be collaborative, although the advisor and committee members provide guidance and support. The dissertation bibliographies display a core in serial and conference literature, with interdisciplinary borrowing of research methods and subject literature from fields such as communication, computer science, linguistics, psychology and sociology.

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