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Dissertation Information for Judith A. Moline

- Judith A. Moline
- (Alias) Judi Moline
- (Alias) Judith Ann Moline

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Syracuse University (USA) (1993)

- Robert Oddy

- Deirdre Corcoran Stam
- Thomas H. Martin
- Barbara H Kwasnik

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: A longitudinal study of how numismatists work : information needs for scholarly research involving artifacts

Abstract: Understanding how researchers study objects and use a variety of information resources would provide a framework for a new class of information systems. Towards achieving that understanding, this study describes how numismatists, a specialized group of art historians, do their research. It identifies the resources, tasks and techniques, products, research areas, and problems confronting the researcher. Numismatists, art historians, and others working with objects would profit from information systems catering to their special needs. It is the goal of this study to identify those needs.

In order to elicit the information necessary to generate a rich description of how numismatists work, a longitudinal study was designed using case-studies and participant-observation as the major ways of obtaining the data. The informants were a cohesive group of twenty-five numismatists. Initial propositions about how numismatists work were culled from the literature. Data collected from four years of observation of a coin society's meetings, from individuals and small groups of numismatists, and from publications were coded and used to confirm, dispute, and supplement the initial propositions. The findings resulted in a rich description of how numismatists work.

The discussion identifies how information systems designed for and by humanists meet the needs of numismatists. Further, it suggests ways that information systems could better serve the needs of users who have objects as their primary source of information but yet who are heavy users of surrogates and textual data.

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