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Dissertation Information for Sam Gyun Oh

- Sam Gyun Oh

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Syracuse University (USA) (1995)

- Michael Eisenberg

- Jeffrey H. Katzer
- Robert Oddy
- Murali Venkatesh
- Kim Mills
- Robert L. Heckman

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: An empirical fact retrieval system: An entity-relationship and relational approach

Abstract: The goal of this thesis was to investigate the viability of the Entity-Relationship (ER) model in developing a conceptual schema to represent empirical facts and the appropriateness of a relational DBMS in implementing an empirical fact retrieval system based on the conceptual schema. This is to enhance current information retrieval systems in terms of providing users with access to empirical facts. The thesis also examined the efficiency and effectiveness of the empirical fact retrieval system by conducting a performance and perception experiment.

Research questions were raised regarding (1) the appropriateness of the Entity-Relationship model to design a conceptual schema of empirical facts and the appropriateness of the relational system in implementing the empirical fact retrieval system, and (2) the benefits of using the empirical fact retrieval system in terms of its efficiency and effectiveness.

The results indicate that the Entity-Relationship model was expressive enough to point out commonly occurring distinctions between types of data, relationships, and constraints of empirical facts. The relational system provided the capability needed to implement the conceptual schema of the empirical fact retrieval system. The empirical fact retrieval system was found to be useful in conducting empirical queries. Significant differences were found for the following variables: precision ratio, search time, number of search steps, usefulness of items retrieved, usefulness of system features, difficulty in making relevance decisions, satisfaction with search results, and sense of search completeness.

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