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Dissertation Information for Judith Ann Bateman

- Judith Ann Bateman

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of North Texas (USA) (1998)

- Linda Schamber

- Amanda Spink
- Randy Ernest Schumacker
- Kathleen Swigger

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Title: Modeling changes in end user relevance criteria: An information-seeking study

Abstract: This study examines the importance of relevance criteria in end-user evaluation of valuable or high relevant information. Changes in the importance of criteria as users moved through the six stages of information seeking proposed by Kuhlthau (1994) and as users selected, obtained and read information sources were studied. A model of high relevance was proposed and confirmed using criteria that were rated as most important.

The research was conducted in two phases. In the first phase, 210 graduate students at the University of North Texas were surveyed by mail. These students were sent an instrument that instructed them to rate 40 relevance criteria by importance in their selection of the most valuable information source for a recent or current paper or project. Respondents were also asked to report their information seeking stage and whether they had obtained or read the information.

The second phase of the study involved seven graduate level classes. Respondents evaluated the importance of 40 relevance criteria as they searched for, obtained, and read highly relevant information for a research paper. They were also asked to judge their stage of information seeking. Search diaries were also used to study the relevance judgment process, the information seeking process and the use of IR systems. The importance of these criteria did not change as the respondents moved through the information seeking stages or as they searched for, obtained and read information.

Eleven criteria rated as highly important by respondents in the survey phase were used to propose a model of high relevance. This model was confirmed using factor analysis and second-order factor analysis. Three constructs were used in the model: Information quality, Information credibility, and Information completeness can be used to explain 48% of high relevance for these respondents. Three additional constructs: Information availability, Information topicality, and Information currency are suggested as important constructs of high relevance for graduate students. These constructs will require additional criterion terms on the criteria evaluation instrument.

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