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Dissertation Information for Angelina Totolo

- Angelina Totolo

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Florida State University (USA) (2007)

- Kathy Burnett

- Gary Burnett
- Darrell Burke
- Eliza T. Dresang
- Alysia Roehrig

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Title: Information technology adoption by principals in Botswana secondary schools

Abstract: This research investigated the likelihood of computer technology adoption in Botswana, among school principals in secondary schools, who are assumed to be transformational leaders. The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) survey and an interview were used to determine the perceptions of the school principals about accepting and using computer technology. The survey was used to predict and explain the principals' acceptance of computers in relation to whether they find them useful, easy to use, and if they intended to adopt and use them. The in-depth follow up semi-structured interviews explored further the responses of the survey questionnaire. The results of the TAM survey based on the regression model with an R square of .273, show that there was substantial support that the participants who found computers easy to use and useful in their job intended to adopt and use them. The interviews addressed why principals rejected or adopted computers and how they intended to enhance computer use in the school. The results show that time constraints, phobia, lack of skills or training and the lack of practice with computers were identified as barriers to adoption in this study. The results of the study confirmed that the research population was not homogenous; there were early adopters, who showed characteristics of transformational leadership as well as late adopters and non adopters who were still learning how to use computers. Therefore training on the use of computers should include strategies to alleviate barriers to computer adoption. This study has implications for the Vision 2016 because Botswana has already made a significant investment in information technology and information technology infrastructure for its secondary schools (The Revised National Policy on Education, 1994).

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