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Dissertation Information for Dana L. Watson

- Dana L. Watson

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of North Texas (USA) (2007)

- Linda Schamber

- Brian Clark O'Connor
- Jon Young

MPACT Status: Incomplete - Ambiguous

Title: Assessment of a library learning theory by measuring library skills of students completing an online library instruction tutorial

Abstract: This study is designed to reveal whether students acquire the domains and levels of library skills discussed in a learning library skills theory after participating in an online library instruction tutorial. The acquisition of the library skills is demonstrated through a review of the scores on online tutorial quizzes, responses to a library skills questionnaire, and bibliographies of course research papers. Additional areas to be studied are the characteristics of the participants enrolled in traditional and online courses at a community college and the possible influence of these characteristics on the demonstrated learning of library skills.

Multiple measurement methods, identified through assessment of library instruction literature, are used to verify the effectiveness of the library skills theory and to strengthen the validity and reliability of the study results.

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