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Dissertation Information for Sergio Chaparro

- Sergio Chaparro

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Rutgers University (USA) (2008)

- Betty J. Turock

- Daniel O'Connor

MPACT Status: Incomplete - Inspected

Title: Digitization of the academic library in Brazil: A proposed advocacy model for successful formulation of information legislation and policy in developing countries

Abstract: This research explored issues in the digitization of Brazilian academic libraries during the period after the Internet opening and explosion of 1995 (Albernaz, 2003). Its purpose is to construct an exploratory case study of Brazil, considered the best case scenario, to suggest an academic library digitization model based on successful information policy-making as perceived through the lens of the Advocacy Coalition Framework theory. Three major pillars of the Brazilian case were studied: government agency officials, academic library leaders, and professional library association leaders.

Through surveys, interviews and a review of documents relevant to information policy, data were collected and analyzed using descriptive quantitative techniques and the qualitative technique of pattern matching to derive a model applicable to the less affluent countries of the world.

The essential elements for a successful advocacy campaign were determined. Fourteen categories were uncovered: lobbying, both group and individual; education, from professional development to training for skill in handling the online, digital environment; increased financial support, particularly from the federal government; support for the fundamental professional precept of equity of access; the improvement of practice through digitization; the involvement of the private sector and professions outside librarianship to help ensure increased influence with Congress; leadership in the national and international promotion of digitization; cooperation and partnerships that activate coalitions and alliances; improved management of digital resources, with a focus on strategic planning; promotion of research, policy and legislation, along with the broad scale diffusion of innovative projects that advance digitization; enhanced awareness of existing models and their emulation at the local, state and regional levels; societal pressures to remain competitive and the need it brings for modernization; the relationship between the current global economy and the role of digitization in helping continue national economic growth; the importance of adding new groups to the advocacy base, particularly new library professionals and library educators.

Findings support a model that improves and develops further academic library digitization through extensive use of advocacy and dialog on the part of all actors. Future research is needed to determine whether this model has general usefulness and transferability to developing countries outside Brazil.

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