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Dissertation Information for Marilyn Naito

- Marilyn Naito

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Florida State University (USA) (1996)

- Ronald D. Blazek

- Mary Alice Hunt
- Thomas L. Hart
- Irwin Jahns

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Title: A study of the andragogical/pedagogical educational orientation of academic bibliographic instruction librarians

Abstract: This study examined the educational orientation of academic bibliographic instruction librarians to identify whether they relate to andragogical or pedagogical statements. The Hadley Educational Orientation Questionnaire (EOQ) and a demographic questionnaire were used to collect data from a random sample of members of the Association of College and Research Libraries' Bibliographic Instruction Section. The data was analyzed using the chi square goodness of fit test. The data was also analyzed to reveal orientations within the six dimensions of the EOQ: Purpose of Education, Nature of Learners, Characteristics of Learning Experience, Management of Learning Experience, Evaluation, and Relationships: Educator/Learner and Among Learners.

As a result of the analysis it was possible to conclude respondents were more andragogic than pedagogic; female respondents were more andragogic than males; years of teaching may have some bearing on orientation; those with Ph.D.s in Library Studies may be more pedagogic in some dimensions than are others but are overall andragogic; those teaching short format courses are more andragogically oriented; those using videos to teach may be more pedagogical; those with any type of education coursework are more andragogic than others; those not currently teaching are more pedagogic; those teaching in institutions with enrollments of 1,001 to 11,000 are more pedagogic; those teaching classes with 16-30 students are more andragogic; and those teaching at institutions with less than 1,000 students or more than 11,000 students are more andragogic.

Based on the findings it was recommended that bibliographic instructors teaching credit courses may need to incorporate andragogical techniques; male bibliographic instructors may need to incorporate more andragogical methods; those planning to be bibliographic instructors to should take some courses in the Education department and, where possible, keeping BI classes in the 16-30 range may promote a more andragogical experience.

Recommendations for further study are also given.

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