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Dissertation Information for Elizabeth Brennen Danley

- Elizabeth Brennen Danley

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Florida State University (USA) (1998)

- Jane B. Robbins

- Carol Lynch-Brown
- Alice Robbin
- F. William Summers
- Myron Henry Gluck

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Title: The use of scaffolding agents in homeschool learning environments of early adolescents: A case study conducted in Tallahassee, Florida

Abstract: Using a naturalistic approach this study examined how individuals provided support, or "scaffolding," for homeschooled students seeking information. Elements of scaffolding included gaining the learner's attention; collaborating; building on the ability level of the learner; modeling; providing physical, intellectual, and emotional support; adjusting the support to the increasing capability of the learner; providing the learner with a sense of ownership of the task; and working toward the student's internalization of the skills required for the task.

The study was designed in the constructivist paradigm. Data collection and analysis were informed by case study method, grounded theory and Dervin's Sense-Making model. Through observation, interview, and document analysis, the investigator looked for how homeschooled students sought information, how homeschooling teachers and students identified needs for scaffolding, how scaffolding agents were identified in homeschooled learning, and how scaffolding was implemented.

The data was analyzed using Q.S.R. NUD.IST (Nonnumerical Unstructured Data-Indexing, Searching, and Theorizing) Power version, revision 3.0., to explore concepts that emerged from the coding, categorization, and constant comparison of the data. Findings showed that homeschooling families used scaffolding in their teaching-learning, homeschooling parents saw themselves as active learners, homeschooled instruction blurred the lines between teachers and learners, mutual respect was central to the homeschooled learning process, and homeschooling parents believed that the outcome of their scaffolding would be the creation of independent learners. Those findings suggest ways librarians and other information providers can refine their methods for guiding individuals to become effective information seekers.

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