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Dissertation Information for Saeed Saad S. Aseery

- Saeed Saad S. Aseery

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Florida State University (USA) (2001)

- Ronald D. Blazek

- Thomas L. Hart
- Wonsik Shim
- Peter Garretson

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Title: Factors impacting the availability of library use instruction services in university libraries in Saudi Arabia

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to explore the situation of library use instruction services in the main central libraries of Saudi Arabian universities. It was the main goal of this study to examine the major factors that impact the availability and the intensity of library use instruction services in the university libraries of the study. Moreover, the study aimed to ascertain the library deans' and library reference services librarians' awareness of the need to establish or improve current library use instruction services in their institutions.

This exploratory study employed a descriptive survey method. Two questionnaires were used to collect data for the study. The study dealt with two closely related populations; (a) deans of the university libraries in Saudi Arabia, and (b) library employees with high school diplomas and above who work at reference service units. Descriptive statistics were used to report analysis of participants' responses. Pearson-Product Correlation Coefficient was used to show the relationship among different variables of the study.

This study found that all eight-university libraries provide library orientations as a basic instructional service. Activities of traditional orientation tours are limited to basic explanation on library resources and facilities with some instruction on how to read call numbers of library materials and on how to locate them on shelves. Instruction on how to use card and online catalogs is provided to users of five libraries (62.5%). Course-integrated instruction is available to university students at one university library only (12.5%). Computer-assisted instruction, and credit courses on library use are not available at any of the surveyed libraries during the time of this study.

By using Pearson Product-Moment Correlation, no relationship was found between the availability of library use instruction services and the support of library administrators. There was a strong positive correlation ( r = 0.745) between available types of library use instruction and librarians' abilities to use information technology. A positive strong correlation ( r = 0.672) was found between available types of library use instruction and the availability of instructional facilities that include classrooms, instructional materials, and Internet resources.

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