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Dissertation Information for Abdulmohsin Hasan Al-Harbi

- Abdulmohsin Hasan Al-Harbi

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Florida State University (USA) (2002)

- Jane B. Robbins

- Thomas L. Hart
- Peter Garretson
- F. William Summers

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Title: Internet use by graduate students in the Communication Department of Florida State University and its impact on the use of FSU academic libraries

Abstract: This research study explicated a user oriented view to explore the use of the Internet as well as the use of FSU academic libraries by graduate students in the Communication Department at Florida State University. It also investigated the impact of Internet use on the overall use of FSU academic libraries.

The study employed a combined theoretical framework of the use and gratification theory and the least effort principle. It surveyed all the graduate students in the Communication Department at Florida State University as its targeted population.

Findings of the study suggested that although graduate students of the Communication Department at FSU considered the Internet to be equally important for their academic major field as FSU academic libraries, the majority of them (52%) depend on Internet resources and services more than FSU academic libraries. Furthermore, 26% of the respondents do not use FSU academic libraries for their academic information needs. From the graduate students' point of view, the Internet has slight effects on the overall use of FSU academic libraries (54%). Moreover, Kendall's tau_b and Spearman's rho nonparametric correlation tests indicated a strong relationship between the choice of using the Internet as a primary information resource and reduced FSU academic libraries use. Likewise, Pearson correlation coefficient test found that there is a statistically significance between graduate students who were at an advanced level in using the Internet and graduate students who used FSU academic libraries less frequently. In addition, FSU academic libraries were most used for academic work purposes and were least used for entertainment, whereas the Internet was mostly used for communication gratifications and was least used for employment (work) satisfactions. Among the other findings of this research study was the criteria of use preferences, which govern the selection and use of a particular information source over others. Among these criteria--convenience, cost, usefulness, reliability, satisfaction, ease of use, and the source that requires the least amount of effort. Finally, the study illustrated a basic information-seeking pattern of graduate students, where the Internet ranked first followed by FSU academic libraries and then teachers and professors labeled third.

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