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Project Title Abstract
Authena Authena is a project of ibiblio researcher Blake Watters, and has been co-developed with UNC-Chapel Hill physics professor Dr. Elliot McGucken. Authena facilitates syndicated commerce via a distributed network of digital rights management built upon open source web services and applications. An RDF/RSS feed allows satellite media shops or galleries to syndicate content to a central commerce engine via REST, SOAP, or XML-RPC.
Linsearch Linsearch is a metadata-aware search engine designed by OSRT researcher Miles Efron. Linsearch allows users to locate software in the ibiblio Linux archive by expressing queries based on Linux Software Map (LSM) fields. The Linsearch architecture utilizes the open source search engine Isearch. The research was made possible by funding from Island Edge Research.
Lyceum Blog Project The Lyceum Project is an organic, open-source blogsphere implemented by the staff of Ibiblio.orgi. Principle researchers include Fred Stutzman, Blake Watters and Andre Burton.
Netjuke A project of ibiblio researcher Blake Watters, Netjuke is an Open Source, cross-platform, web-based streaming media jukebox powered by PHP 4. Netjuke aims to enable small communities to run private web-sites and access all the media they own, distribute or are granted access to.
OAIbiblio OAIbiblio is a data provider implementation of the OAI-PMH, version 2.0. This toolkit, designed by ibiblio researcher Andre Burton, can be easily customized to communicate with already existing, multi-table databases. Is currently being implemented at ibiblio to expose metadata at the item level for various contributors and collections. It has been accepted by the Open Archives Initiative as one of its distributed tools.
The Open Source Metadata Framework for the Linux Documentation Projects A metadata framework for the description of elements for Linux Documents of all sorts, derived from Dublin Core elements with an XML DTD and a prototype entry template that produces XML for use in a variety of database applications. Current and past OSRT members Miles Efron, Kendall Clark, Jane Greenberg, Matt Knuppel, Ishmael Olea, Paul Jones and Victor Ruiz contributed to this project.
Rsync+ rsync+, a project of former OSRT researchers Bert Dempsey and Debra Weiss, adds a batch mode of operation to the popular public-domain mirror tool rsync. It was created at the University of North Carolina for the Internet2 Distributed Storage Infrastructure (I2-DSI) Project. It leverages the power and flexibility of rsync and can be used as a lightweight replication mechanism for I2-DSI content channels.
Shared Sounds Project A project of ibiblio researcher Fred Stutzman, the Shared Sounds Project seeks to provide composers and producers of music with a repository where their collections can be maintained free of copyright infringement. Shared sounds also provides information about the best legal music-sharing resources on the net, and commentary on emusic legislation.
StreamStats A project of ibiblio researcher Blake Watters,Streamstats is a powerful Perl log analyzer for IceCast and Darwin Streaming Server
Syndicate A project of ibiblio researcher Blake Watters,Syndicate is an RSS proxy implemented in PHP designed to provide Creative Commons license metadata to any RSS 0.91, 0.92, or 1.0 compliant data feed.
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