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The Accuracy of Meyer and Maier

Dean Bowers lets us know that my collegue Phil Meyer and my former student (I was on his PhD committee which was headed by Phil) Scott Maier jointly won the Sigma Delta Chi Award for Research About Journalism. Their project was called “Accuracy Matters,” and it included Scott’s published articles on accuracy and Phil’s chapter on accuracy in “The Vanishing Newspaper.”

Smallwood Foundation to support Lyceum

ibiblio‘s Lyceum multi-user blogsphere got a boost from The Frances C. and William P. Smallwood Foundation of Fort Worth, Texas today. The Foundation awarded Lyceum a $25,000.00 gift through the UNC School of Information and Library Science to be used for promotion and stablization of the project. More details in an upcoming press release from the School.

To test drive Lyceum, visit the Demo site.

Thanks to Fred and especially to JJB for making Lyceum real!

Vloggercon in SFO June 10 and 11

Dan Gillmor alerts us to Vloggercon a not-quite-unconference for folks interested in video blogging to be held in San Francisco on June 10 and 11.

Andy Ihnatko Cameo on NYTimes TV

Andy on NYTimes TV
NYTimes has started a video imbed on their newly redesigned home page. As I was checking out the funky little movie reviews, I also found Tech writer David Pogue’s Town Hall: The OS Wars. In this combo comedy/tech review, Pogue takes on questions about Apple’s Bookcamp. Suddenly there is Andy Ihnatko with a question via webcam. And not a bad question either. “Why will software folks keep on producing software for the Mac if every Mac can now run the Windows version?”
To see Andy and learn the answer visit the NYTimes FeedRoom and select Technology then David Pogue and look for Town Hall: The OS Wars. Sorry that the NYTimes makes it so difficult to get a single feed or to refer to it. Wait! Andy has a way that might get you there.

Two OSes? Why not three? and Why not the best?

ID writes: With Bootcamp, all my dreams have come true; I can run a crappy OS and a great OS on the same computer. But wait, with dual boot Linux/Win setups you could do that for years. And your great OS was even greater — well, it didn’t have the best interface but you really wanted command line anyway didn’t you?
The folks at have a wiki how-to for a Triple Boot via Bootcamp. Yes now you can have a crappy OS, a great OS with a great interface that’s not quite optomized for Intel yet, and the most wonderful OS with an interface that is getting better every day I swear.

Passing on the regional dish of Granada

The week of April 24 – May 1, I’ll be in Granada Spain for the Louis Round Wilson Knowledge Trust meetings. I knew that Andalusia was famous for gazpacho, but I didn’t know of the renowned speciality in Granada, the Sacromonte omelette “a dish that is not recommended for the delicate palate and prepared with bone marrow, brains, calf testicles and egg.”
Yikes! Set me up for a British fry up of Egg, Bacon, Chips and Beans!

Bright to be in Black

Goth is good for you. (Unless you read the BBC version of the New Scientist story). Compare the headlines: NS reads Goth subculture may protect vulnerable children whilst BBC says fearfully Goths ‘more likely to self-harm’. From Boing Boing.
Kristina alerts us to another Goth Success thread based on a German dissertation reported in The Independent as Don’t mock goths: future’s bright for the men and women in black (Note that this is in the Enjoyment Section, but is Marilyn Mason really too mainstream for Goths?) and The Guardian as I have seen the future – and it’s goth (includes the funny 10 telltale signs that your boss is a Goth).

Talking Japanese (Blooker)

J-WAVE Morning Logo
Just off the phone with Jon Kabira of J-WAVE‘s morning show in Tokyo about the Blooker, blogs and publishing. It was more than a bit odd to hear the Japanese translation and recap each time I paused. I should have learned from my experiences giving talks in Siberia and in Taiwan that very short answers with long pauses help the translator, but on the phone without physical cues that’s harder to pull off. I hope the listeners weren’t too distracted on their drives into work by my unusual, for them, accent.
There was a lot of fascination about the newness of the blook and of the Blooker. Listening I could hear how the very words, blook and Blooker, are difficult for non-English speakers even if they are extremely clear talking radio professionals.
There was enthusiasm for Julie and Julia and the story told there beyond the cooking and for the interactive nature of blogs and blooks. As near as I can tell, this part was of great interest.
I wish I could speak/understand Japanese; Jon was one of the better interviewers I’ve worked with (in part because of the good advance work by Kanae Hasegawa).

In Spring an old man’s heart turns to …

Capt SinbadPiracy! Capt. Horatio Sinbad, North Carolina’s only licensed Privateer, will be bringing tall ships to Morehead City for the Amercias’ Sail 06 in June 30 – July 5.

Proceeds from Pepsi Americas’ Sail will benefit the development of Olde Beaufort Seaport, a turn-of-the-century maritime village being developed along Gallants Channel as a project of the N.C. Maritime Museum. The N.C. Maritime Museum interprets the state’s maritime history and celebrates the natural beauty, precious resources and rich cultural heritage of coastal North Carolina. It is part of the Division of State History Museums, Office of Archives and History, N.C. Department of Cultural Resources.

Marcy on Bynum

Marcy Smith Rice is a featured poet on the NC Arts Council website represented by her poem “Bynum” in which she describes the building of a stone house in old Bynum.

MisAdventures with Google Calendar

It loves me not. Google Calendar is live and that’s nice. But getting it loaded with my agenda is not working that great. I’m using Oracle Calendar and PalmDeskTop synced. I try to export from Oracle and although I get several formats out, none will go into Gcalendar. However I can get them to just drag and drop into Palm. So I try exporting from there. No luck. Gcalendar hates the formats. No matter which ones I try. Then I try putting the exported file into iCal. Hey it works! For iCal. Not Gcalendar. So I export from iCal in .ics format (as described by Gcalendar as the thing to do). I can preview the text in FireFox. It looks just right. I try to upload to Gcalendar. I get “Failed to import events: Failed to upload ical/csv file.” Sometimes I get a timeout message instead. I could be hitting a load problem on Gcalendar and will try again later. But YIKES this is frustrating. But hey I now have iCal, PalmDeskTop, my Treo and Oracle Calendar all in sync.

Somehow the iCal formated file finally made a successful upload and I now have a GooCal in operation. Now to learn more about it. SMS for verification of the alerts was so slow getting here that I’m lead to believe that the SMS alert will be next to useless. I haven’t tested to see if the slowdown is at Google or at Cingular tho.

Documenting the American South wins Lincoln Award

Documenting the American South (hosted at was just named winner of the 2006 Electronic Lincoln Prize from Gettysburg College.

The $10,000 award is given for significant contribution in new media to scholarship about Abraham Lincoln, the American Civil War soldier, or a subject relating to the Civil War era.

“The winner of the Electronic Lincoln Prize proves that the historian’s work can be immensely improved if scholars move fully into the 21st Century,” said Gettysburg College Fluhrer Professor of Civil War Studies Gabor Boritt, who serves as chair of the Electronic Lincoln Prize.

Gettysburg College press release.

iCommons and iSummit (hosted by will be putting on iSummit in Rio on June 23 – 25. The conference gets lots of Lessig love on his blog.

Which Famous Modern Poet Are You?

I have to agree with my poet-twinning by the little quiz:

Which Famous Modern American Poet Are You?

You are Wallace Stevens. You love everything, especially the sound of things. Too bad you are so obscure that at times even you don’t understand what the hell you have written.
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

Not a rich array of choices tho as about 28% of the folks who took the test also were linked to Stevens.

Madison County Project to be screened tomorrow

Donna singing - Madison County Project

Rob Roberts writes to let us know of a screening of the film he made with Martha King:

What: Madison County Project: Documenting the Sound, a documentary short about ballad singing and filmmaking in Madison County, NC
When: Wednesday April 12th at 4:00 pm
Where: Murphey Hall, room 104 on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus
More: Madison County Project examines the tradition of unaccompanied ballad singing in Madison County, North Carolina and how the works of documentary filmmakers, photographers, and academics have influenced that tradition. The story unfolds through the historical works of John Cohen, Rob Amberg, and Harvey Wang as well as the voices of today’s ballad singers such as Sheila Kay Adams, Donna Ray Norton, Denise Norton O’Sullivan, and DeeDee Norton Buckner. Filmed in North Carolina, Madison County Project has been selected for multiple regional festivals and academic conferences as well as winning the Audience Choice Award at the 2005 Asheville Film Festival.

Note: Madison County Project is also featured on the ibiblio-hosted and blogged at (also ibiblio-hosted).

Dr. Fun Peep Week Continues

Dr. Fun has a Heart Like a Peep this week as we approach Easter. So far:

Blooker in Japan – Giant Monsters All Out Attack!

Just got a note from Kanae Hasegawa of J-wave about setting up an on-air interview about the Blooker and Blogs with J-Wave’s Jon Kabira on Good Morning Tokyo this Thursday evening at 19:20 (US EDT time/date). We’ll do about 5 minutes.

A bit about Granada

I’ll be heading to Granada Spain for the Wilson Knowledge Trust meeting the end of April. Just learned that we’ll be staying in the Hotel Vincci which does have WiFi so I can report in when not in the meetings.
Been reading Washingon Irving’s Tales from the Alhambra to prepare myself as well as his Conquest of Granada and re-viewing Carlos Saura’s Carmen (done as a Flamenco dance production story — it’s hot).

Blooker Bluzz Continues

A reprint of the Straits Times article on the Blooker by Lee Sze Yong is available at the Buzz.
A Press Release on the Blooker winner in the Comics category, Totally Boned, just hit Yahoo! News.
(Yes, I get a bit of ink in both).

Sally at Concert; Karen at Ohio; Fred at a different Ohio

Sally writes about the Roger Hannay Memorial Concert (I was there too, but she has a fine write up).
Karen keeps us up to date on the Ohio University Blogging Ethic Conference where she and Martin Kuhn were presenters.
Fred reports in via AIM from The International Digital Media and Arts Association and Miami University’s Center for Interactive Media Studies sponsored “< CODE > HumanSystems/DigitalBodies” Conference in Miami, Ohio.

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