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NC Equity: Concerning Teen Pregnancy, Violence Against Women

by Jackie McKinnon


N.C. Equity released a report identifying adolescent pregnancy prevention, child care, economic development, health care access and prevention of violence against women as top issues for legislative action.

These priorities were identified by more than 1,800 women meeting in 27 assemblies across North Carolina during the fall of 1996. The women also ranked aging, gender equity on boards and commissions, and civil rights and hate crimes as other priority areas.

All of the issues before the General Assembly impact women, however, these issues often have a greater impact on the economic circumstances of women's lives.

Recommendations call for increased funding for domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, adolescent pregnancy prevention and child care. Other proposals include enhancing safety measures at nursing homes and adult care homes, protection of adolescent access to reproductive health services, prohibiting discrimination in access to health insurance based on genetic history, and changes in unemployment insurance laws.

Women's votes were a deciding factor in the fall elections, and we believe legislators will be responsive to the concerns and recommendations in the Women's Agenda. We are working with other organizations and legislators to make sure that proposals are introduced to address these issues.

N.C. Equity is a nonprofit, education and research organization that works to improve economic opportunities for women and families in North Carolina.

  Jackie McKinnon is the Leadership Director for the Women's Agenda Program and Women of Color Program.  

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