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Volunteer with The PRISM

By phone: (919) 968-3154 Why I volunteer with The Prism

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Prism volunteers

David Kirsh, Distribution
Mia Kirsh, Treasurer
Jeff Saviano, Editor
By fax: (919) 968-7840
By e-mail: prism@metalab.unc.edu
By snail mail: The Prism
P.O. Box 16025
Chapel Hill, NC 27516


paper.gif (2967bytes) Why is this paper different from other 'progressive' papers in this area?

Communities underserved or maltreated by the mainstream press--such as low income communities--can do more than "receive" more relevant writing about them. With the Prism, people can produce their own news and views.

The Prism is totally volunteer run. For each issue you can help recruit and edit articles, layout the pages in a visually interesting fashion, get advertisers or donors.

The Prism's purpose is to address the important social and political issues of all progressively oriented people in the area. We aim to serve communities of interest in our area.

If 'we'--the people who produced this issue--are not successful in reaching out to all area communities, it's not because we don't want to. It's because 'we' need you. The paper is put out mostly by a 'core' staff. To get better, you have to help us.

Here's how:


mouse.gif (982bytes) It's not easy to find good articles and illustrations. We'd really love to have more articles on local issues and more graphics, photos, etc.
  • Find people or organizations to write an article for the Prism.
  • Write an article or editorial yourself.
PRODUCTION How Can You Help:
layout.gif (1468bytes) This stage is split into two steps: hand mockup and computerized layout.
  • Attend mockup meetings and help fit articles along with any photos or graphics, ads, headlines and quotes into a specially drawn sheet simulating the real paper's space.
  • If you have PageMaker skills and access to a computer, take a page or so with you to electronically lay out.

sign.gif (693bytes) Printing this paper costs from $400 to $500 each issue, depending on its size.
  • We need an ad coordinator to look over our accounts, see whom we've approached and whom we haven't.
  • Approach people and businesses sympathic with the Prism's mission and propose ads or donations.
car.gif (1001bytes) Somehow these newspapers have to get around the Triangle. The simpler part of this is delivering stacks to established drop sites. The harder part is finding places to put them.
  • Tell us a route or area you'd like to cover. Arrange to be available a day or so after the paper is printed.
  • Find new spaces which would be good for the paper and readers.


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