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Hoodwinker's Hogwash

Myth: Free market economists firmly believe in allowing market forces to take their natural course without interference —especially by government.

Fact: When one of the biggest hedge funds (which bet on currency or market trends) got defoliated by the world economic crisis this September, the Federal Reserve pressured top bankers to come up with $3.65 billion to keep the fund afloat.

November 1998



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Hoodwinker's Hogwash

Myth: The space program provides valuable data for Earth's inhabitants and probes the heavens to expand future horizons for humankind.

Fact: First and foremost, NASA furthers military programs shrouded in secrecy. Copious space hype serves to further distract public attention from collosal expenditures on questionable and dangerous projects.

October 1998



Hoodwinker's Hogwash

Myth: The world community supported the US airstrikes against terrorist sites in Afghanistan and Sudan.

Fact: Condemnation of the bombings was near universal--"as much an act of international illegality as the terrorist bombing of its embassies" (Times of India, 8/24); --"Clinton knew he was bombing a civilian target when he ordered the. . . attack on a Sudan chemical plant." (London Observer, 8/23)

Exclusive Update
Chiapas Front Report

Its rough walls are still scarred by bullet holes from the shooting that began here as the community was gathered in prayer.
read. . .

Latin American-
Caribbean Report

Wealthy Use Poor Haitians To Keep Dominican Republic on Its Toes

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September 1998



The Black Panthers Party, pictured above, laid a foundation for the black radical movement.. See story.


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Wile E. Coli
The Happy Frog
Guns & Ammo
You Won't Need Guns
But Ma!!
TV and Radio
Iraq's Weapons
UN Investigators
Starr's Kit
Flag Burning
Rebels of Reality

July-August 1998



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June 1998

Health Care:
critical condition?

So, how are you feeling? Nowadays, that's not necessarily a question to be taken lightly. In spite of, or, rather, because of, new drug treatments, huge advances in medical technology, and an unprecedented level of general medical knowledge, the cost of health care today is enormous. For those hundreds of thousands of Americans without health insurance, decent care is either a pipe dream or a financial nightmare. But what about those "lucky" enough to have insurance? more...

o Policymakers Need Their Heads Examined About Mental Health
o Blue Cross: Example to Nation
o Progressives' Review of NC Politics
o Doctors Seek Cure for HMO's
o Alternative Medicine Takes Strides in the Triangle

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June 1998




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Illustration by Jon Jonik

Profit Motives Gut Patient Care

"Health care is an essential safeguard of human life and dignity, and there is an obligation for society to ensure that every person be able to realize this right."

Show Your Stuff!!

Next issue (July-August double issue) we focus on cartoons, comics, illustrations. Come on, we know there are some great artists out there (and even more good ones)! Please submit your artistry by July 3rd. Requirements: black & white only; no pencil or pastel drawings; total size no larger than 11x14"; if a panel series, please hold to 4-6 panels. No specific subject, but political themes encouraged. We reserve the right to print what we like. Send to Illustrations, The Prism, PO Box 16025, Chapel Hill, NC 27516. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you'd like your entries returned. (Women & grrrl artists encouraged!!)



May 1998

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Internationalist Books Section
Internationalist Books is solely responsible for the material in this section.

o The Power of Zines
o Chapel Hill Food Not Bombs Update
o Movie Magazines and "Oscar Antidotes"
o The Daily Bread, the Daily Ideology
o Dr. Trash
o Dana Says GoodBye

NC Waste Awareness & Reduction Network
o Think the Nuke Dump is DEAD?
o Quiet Pressure to Continue the Dump
o Dismantled Reactors
o Do You Drive on These Roads?
o What's "low level" about this waste?
o "Acceptable" Leakage + Migration = We're All at Risk
o No Safe Dose of Radiation
o The Human Body: some organs' sensitivity to radiation
o Environmental Injustice: Abuse of public trust
o Reactor Site Storage

May 1998



Wellspring Scorns, Fudges Facts on Strawberry Workers

May Day: A Call to Organize

Labor Cartoon
Illustration by Jeff Saviano

'...For the union makes us strong.'

This month we have an entire section written by local union members and labor organizers in celebration of May Day, starting with the article by Sheila Payne on Strawberry workers. The holiday honors the struggles of workers to change the world (and especially those who fought and died for an 8-hour workday).

Look what people are doing to improve the lives of workers and communities:.
o Steve England writes of the energy he gained in helping public workers in Chapel Hill to present their own budget proposals to the town, and he wonders 'where do we go from here?'
o Paul Ortíz writes that a vote for Wendy's fast food at Duke University displaces unionized workers—and that Students for Justice at Duke launched a defense of the Dining Service Workers.
o Armando Carbajal tells why he helped launch ASTLANC, the Latino Workers Association of NC. (English and Spanish.)
o Joe Bowser of Durham didn't want to join a union— but after he did, he decided it was good for him and for the women and men he worked with.
o A UNC-Chapel Hill labor forum highlighted how globalization affects local workers, as reported by the Four Fronts!!!! newsletter.
o Pete Castelli of UNITE! tells how unions work to benefit all workers, not just members: a Greensboro "Livable Wage" campaign to lift workers above poverty wages.
o And Malcolm Goff shows how the efforts of UNC system housekeepers to unionize highlights the special need to organize in the Southeastern US.



Hoodwinkers's Hogwash

Myth: Polls show that Americans believe that they're more likely to see a UFO than to receive benefits from Social Security. --Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich

Fact: A poll actually asking whether people were more likely to see a UFO or get Social Security benefits showed a large majority expecting benefits. --Pacifica Evening News

April 1998

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Earth Day Section

oStop Pesticides: Bugs Are Better
o USDA Organic Food Standard Impure at Best
o Why don't we have modern schools?
oTarget: North Carolina

Rogers Road Residents Speak Out
o Rogers Road / Eubanks Residents Speak Out
o Apple Pie and Fried Chicken Smell Terrible
o Our Community is the "Sacrificial Lamb"
o The Price of Water

April 1998



8th Anniversary for the Prism
With this April issue, the Prism has appeared steadily for 8 years. We've gloated about this before but people said that it couldn't be done -- not with an all-volunteer staff. The only people we pay are the web press printers. more...

Miles the Dog

Just look! The Prism is going to the Dogs! Meet "Miles," our new volunteer who attends editorial and production sessions. He was recently dubbed "Most Valuable Prism Volunteer" for his qualities of loyalty and eagerness to please. He turned down the Prism Distribution Job saying "Aw, that job is for the (other) dogs." If you think your two hands could do better than Miles four paws, call us today!



Women's History
Women's Rights Movement

o"Political" Science
oGlimpses of Women in the 90s
oWomen's History Month IQ Test: Test your knowledge of women in history
oMairead Corrigan Inspires Struggle, Hope for Irish Peace
oEmpowerment and Women's Health
oDonning the Hijab
oPoem: vow of me by Erika Padilla-Morales
oThe Path of the Women's Rights Movement
oBook Review: Whores and Other Feminists

March 1998



Hoodwinker's Hogwash

Myth: The most blatant Middle Eastern violator of UN Security Council resolutions is Iraq.

Fact: The Middle Eastern nation that has defied 69 UN Security resolutions, and alone has nuclear weapons, is Israel.


February 1998


line School of the AmericasSOA Protestor


Special Sections

Internationalist Books
Controversy Spawned by Communists' Section

December 1997-January 1998



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