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8th Anniversary for the Prism

by David Kirsh


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This steady production of a feisty progressive paper growing in the cracks of a corporate-dominated, media-soundbitten society is testimony to the doggedness of a steady flow of idealistic volunteers. These Prism volunteers have provided talent and energy to keep information alive that otherwise would simply not be available elsewhere.

Some volunteers have put in long hours and some have been aboard for long-term commitments, some both. Others have contributed more lightly or briefly but those efforts have been just as necessary to the continued viability of the paper.

If you've read The Prism for a while, you've probably noticed some trends. One is that the overall appearance has become steadily more professional-looking. Another is the inclusion of Special Sections which enable local groups to amplify their own issues and perspectives in our pages, and possibly with their own publications after gaining experience through apprenticeship with us.

With this issue, we will begin announcing exciting initiatives that will test the limits of our non-hierarchical volunteer structure and hopefully allow newer people to step up to the challenge of doing some of the tasks of old-timers.

Many thanks to all the readers, organizations, advertisers and donors who have made The Prism possible!


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