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Statement of Intent to Form a Newspaper

Many have expressed a need for an alternative newspaper accessible to the community and response to the need for social change. The Triangle's progressive community has no forum for information, communication and analysis. This has limited the ability of activists and organizations to meet their potential and has left citizens uninformed about important matters.

The existing news media is inadequate. Important local, national and international events are poorly reported. The economic and political forces that shape the news are not challenged. Our economy is characterized by gross inequities in wealth and access to resources. while concentrating power in the hands of a small elite. Since these elites also control the major media, news and ideas that might challenge their power are not presented to the public.

A publication is needed that is free to report on the forces behind the news. It must examine the failures and biases of the mainstream media. It must offer sound ways to change life for the better, helping readers to share ideas, experience, hope, support and power. It can provide an inspiration to action and a catalyst for change.

A group has formed to begin to address this need. Our vision is of an attractive, readable newspaper, a paper that will speak clearly and directly to a diverse community, crossing lines of race, gender, class and sexual orientation.

The success of the paper will depend on the involvement of the community it serves. All those sharing a progressive viewpoint are invited to participate in any and all aspects of the paper. We will continually reach out to the large network of activists, concerned citizens and social change groups, providing a forum to report their work events and concerns.

The newspaper will be guided by the principles of economic justice, ecological responsibility, non-violence, democracy in all aspects of life, support for reproductive rights and respect for the respect for the rights, dignity and diversity of all people.

The paper will be independent, run by volunteers, not for profit and available free to the public.

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