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Big Staff Changes Coming


Big news at Internationalist Books: we"re looking for a full time manager to start in the spring! Co-manager Dorrit Geshuri will be leaving us to pursue other interests, but will continue to be involved with the store on some level. We"d like to hire someone to begin training in February, so we"ll be accepting resumes until the end of December. Send them to P.O. Box 951, Chapel Hill NC, 27514.

Right now we"re getting ready for the holiday shopping season as well as the spring semester at UNC. We have lots of 1998 calendars, including such favorites as the Carry It On Peace Calendar, The IWW Labor History Calendar, the Nihilism Calendar, We Moon, Women (and Men) of the African Ark, and Hecho En Mexico. New this year is the Adbusters EnvironMental Calendar, Women Firefighters, Calendar of Chinese Medicine & Astrology, and the Fillmore Posters.

We"ve created two new sections in the store: Travel and Media. The travel section grew out of a desire to collect information about volunteer travel programs, responsible tourism, and low-budget travel opportunities. Do you want to learn how you can help build low-income housing in Guatemala, bicycle across Europe, or work on an archaeological excavation in Israel? Or would you like to take your children on a vacation that will teach them to respect and protect the environment? Now we can help. Some of our new titles include the Handbook for Women Travelers; The World Awaits: A Comprehensive Guide to Extensive Backpack Travel; Alternatives to the Peace Corps; Eco Tours and Nature Getaways: A Guide to Environmental Vacations Around the World; the Common Sense Survival Guide; and the Air Courier Travel Handbook. We also carry Transitions Abroad magazine, which features articles and information about volunteering, studying or working in foreign countries. And as always, we have a wide selection of gay and lesbian travel books, including the Damron and Ferrari guides. New titles arrive frequently, so if you don"t see something that interests you, please check back!

On November 13, Internationalist Books had a table at the Carolina Socialist Forum on the media, which featured author Edward Herman. We sold a few books, and decided to put the rest into a new Media section, which contains books about the internet, media monopolies and the distortions of TV news, plus books by media critics Noam Chomsky and Marshall McLuhan (including Chomsky for Beginners and McLuhan for Beginners!) We also carry Adbusters magazine and Extra! for up to date commentary and information. And if you"re wondering where to get one of those "KILL YOUR TELEVISION" bumperstickersŠ we have those too.

As always, Internationalist Books is in need of volunteers, particularly during the holidays when many of our loyal student volunteers leave town. And speaking of loyal volunteers, we would like to congratulate Seth Freedman for being chosen Volunteer of the Week by Volunteer Orange! in September. His help is greatly appreciated, and we"re glad that he"s been recognized for his efforts, even if he was embarrassed by the article in the Chapel Hill News. If you would like to volunteer, please give us a call at 942-1740.

Just a reminder that FOOD NOT BOMBS will continue to cook and serve throughout the fall and winter months. Volunteers meet at 1 p.m. on Sundays to cook food donated by local businesses such as Weaver Street Market and Bagels on the Hill and serve at 3:30 in front of the Internationalist to anyone interested in eating a free meal. On November 16, a FNB benefit show was held at the Lizard & Snake, and thanks to Gunpowder Plot, El Sucio, The Blue Stockings, and Screwtape, as well as the Lizard & Snake, we were able to raise nearly $300. So come out and eat and help demonstrate against the Triangle"s neglect of its poor and homeless -- call 942-2306 for details.

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