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Movie Magazines and "Oscar Antidotes"

by Cassiana Gudgenov


Are you tired of Entertainment Weekly and Premiere? Have you seen none of the 1997 Oscar Nominated Best Pictures—out of personal choice? Do you work at VisArt? Well, then we have the movie magazines suited just for you.

Let me start with my three favorites. First, there is a magazine called Video Eyeball: the Video Suggestion Rag with the Optic Nerve. This magazine is for the true cinecaste, reviewing the best overlooked videos and movies, related CDs, books and zines as well as cataloging video sources. This month's issue is aptly named the Oscar Antidote issue, with many movies that should have been but were not in contention this past year. There is also a very perceptive interview with the steadfast actor Kevin Bacon, as well as a probing yet comical look at the cast of Comedy Central's Viva Variety.

For the true Independent spirit, there is the Independent Film & Video Monthly, which is truly geared to filmmakers on the rise. Festivals are reviewed and upcoming ones are listed as well. This month's issue deals with Barbara Kopple's upcoming documentary on Woody Allen and his jazz band's tour of Europe, entitled "Wildman's Blues". There are articles on new filmmakers, the Sundance and Slamdance festivals, the International Film Financing Conference, the New York International Film Festival, an interview with Barry Levinson and a look at Los Angeles' best restaurants for making deals.

Finally we have the Canadian-published Cineaction, a magazine that is basically a collection of essays on themes, styles or related subjects found in not-so-mainstream movies. This month's issue has the first 26 pages dealing with Canadian cinema; a genre so often overlooked yet so complex and beautiful, 26 pages is hardly enough. There is also an essay on Howard Hawks, lesbian desire in the movie "Bound", and a review of movies shown at the Toronto and Los Angeles Film Festivals.

Now if action movies are your cup of tea, you should perhaps check out Thunder: the World of Action Cinema, a magazine dedicated entirely to action stars, action movies and action directors. This month's issue contains interviews with Chow Yun-Fat, Jackie Chan, John Woo, and Adrian Paul. There is also a large section of the magazine celebrating the 25th anniversary of the film "Enter the Dragon". There are reviews of present action movies, such as Kirk Wong's "The Big Hit", as well as upcoming action movies. Also, we carry another magazine called Asian Cult Cinema, which talks of certain action movies, but not exclusively. The magazine includes articles on Godzilla and other Asian cult cinema stars and movies as well.

Perhaps cult movies are your favored genre? Then check out Cult Movies: We Remember Forgotten Films, which this month contains articles on Ben Turpin's life and films, Svengali, Lon Chaney, and early vampire movies, as well as an interview with Burr Middleton, grandson of the legendary Charles Middleton. A wide range of film, video and book reviews can also be found in Cult Movies' pages. In the same vein, Scarlet Street: the Magazine of Mystery & Horror encompasses a broader range of movies. If you recognize the names Fay Wray and Robert Wise this magazine is for you.

Lastly we find Alternative Cinema: Exploring the Wild and Wacky Independent Scene, a magazine dealing almost exclusively with B-movies, low budget and no budget movies. If you have been anticipating the release of "The Return of the Psycho Sisters" and are interested in underground cult exploitation cinema there is no alternative.

If any or all of these magazines interest you, please drop by and you'll notice that our movie magazines are only the beginning of a wide range of publications concerning music, literature, politics, gender issues and many more.


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