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Letters   Iraq, forgive us!
CPUSA Section
Great Job!

Iraq, forgive us!

To the editor:

The United States Government does not like muslum (sic) people. That is why the US Government prevented the Bosnian government from buying weapons to protect itself during the war with the infidel Serbs. Many muslum women, and childrend were killed and raped, and the United States Government knew that it was happening but, the government kept silent as the blood of the innocent flowed like a river in Bosnia. The Bosnian Ambassador told me that Bosnia had men who would fight the Serbs, he did not need Amercian Amry, he did not need NATO Army, he did not need UN Army, all he needed was to buy weapons. American Government stopped the Bosnian people from getting guns. American Planes flew from Italy and from a US Navy aircraft carrier near Bosnia to stop the Bosnian people from getting guns.

Please do not let the US Government kill any more children and women in Iraq. I am an American. I will fight and die for my country, but, I do not have any quarrel with Iraq. Saddem Hussien is perhaps a very cruel man, he has killed many of his own people, but, that is not the concern of the United States Government or the United Nations. It is the concern of the Arab states in his region. If you are at peace with Iraq, why does the US Government want to interfere? If you are afraid of Iraq, and you are my friend, I will defend you. But, if you are not afraid of Iraq, why must the US Government attack Iraq? How many American Children has Iraq or Saddam Hussein killed? The answer is ZERO. How many Children of Iraq has the US Government, the Untied Nations, and NATO killed? Too many children, too many children.

On Tuesday, Bill Clinton will talk to the American people and attempt to have them support him in his desire to kill more innocent children and women of Iraq. He will tell them how evil Saddam Hussein is, but, he will forget to tell the American people that it was the US Government who sold chemical and biological weapons to Iraq. He will forget to tell the American people that it was the US Government who sold helicopters with spray equipment so that Saddam could spray deadly poison on the Kurdish people. Clinton will forget to tell the American people that it was the US Government who sold the antidote to the poisons to Iraq. He will forget to tell the American people it was the friends of the US Government, particularly, Britian and Germany who sold more chemicals and weapons to Iraq.

Bill Clinton is a coward. When his country asked him to serve in the military during the Vietnam war, he refused. Bill Clinton supported, and, perhaps organized, demonstrations at Oxford, England, against the American soldiers who were dying with honor in Vietnam, while Bill Clinton, the coward, was invited to Moscow, Russia for a big party for all of the organizers of the "Fall Offensive" Anti War demonstrations, in January of 1972. The Russian Secret Police, the KGB was very involved with th Anti-War demonstrations in American and England. Why was the US President involved in those demonstations as well? Why did he attend the Big Party in Moscow in 1972?

I do not trust the American President, Bill Clinton. Do you? He has no honor, he has no courage, he sends others to die in wars, when he would not go to fight for his country in Vietnam, when he was asked to do so. The American People are not the enemy of Iraq, the American People are not the Great Satan.

If Iraq attacks America, I must fight Iraq. But, it is not Iraq that attacks America, it is The US Government, Bill Clinton, and Madeline Albright who wants to attack Iraq? Why is this? Is it because that Arab people are, people of God? Is that why the US Government stopped the Bosnian people from buying weapons to protect themselves, because most of the Bosnian people are muslum? Madeline Albright and the US Government knew that women and children were being killed in Bosnia, but, they did nothing to stop it. After the war, she went to Bosnia and pretended to be shocked and angry that the serbs had killed the children and women. She is a liar, Bill Clinton is a liar. Many Americans believe that Bill Clinton, most of his government, the Council of Foreign Relations, David Rockefeller, the United Nations, and, NATO are evil. They want a one-world government, controlled by the United Nations. No nation will be free, no person will be free. They are the Great Satan, not the American people. Pray for us. Some Americans will believe Bill Clinton when he tells lies about Iraq. They will support him if he decides to attack Iraq. Pray that all the eyes of the American people will be opened.

Dexter Peabody

CPUSA Section

To the editor,

I have been a reader for some years of your paper and recently noticed a turn towards expressing an actual ideology in your rhetoric for social change. While you do not seem to actually advocate Marxist ideology, there will several sections/articles which apologized for Soviet Union/Warsaw Pact foibles and criticized others as McCarthy censors for showing alarm at straight Marxist propaganda in your paper. Concerning your editorial in the Dec.-Jan. issue, yes the Democratic Party has a horrible history from its inception until today. To allow Democrat leaning staffers to print straight ticket propaganda would render the purpose of an independent newspaper null and void. The Democrats have their own press. It is called the News & Observer.

To allow a Marxist party to propagandize within your pages is no different. If the American public actually cared for Soviet style communism the CPUSA wouldn't need you one bit. They'd have their own large newspaper with money generating advertising. Neither group actually believes in an independent free press. They both favor the monopoly of their respective ideologies.

Can left groups have ideologies and still favor an independent, diverse press? I believe so. Simply do not advocate total control over society through economics or political means. Neither the Democrats or the CPUSA is capable of this challenge. Control is their ultimate goal. Freedom lays outside of these so-called opposite ideologies, not to the left or right ofthem. Does this make me a "fuzzy headed left anticommunist?" If so, please don't tell Mister Goff. With all his experience of working for fascism I'd hate to have him know my address.

Tom Mekus

Great Job!

What a great find!! I was browsing the net for North Carolina newspapers, and came upon yours. I was to see someone still talking abot political issues important to me...ie: the murders in Greensboro, Cuba, and anti-Arab discrimination.

When I was reading the history piece on the murders in Greensboro in 1979, I was amazed to see that the survivors only won $300,000 in damages....whew. It was good to read once again about that attrocity and keep the flame of justice alive.

Thanks. I'll be back to visit your site.

a luta continua,
Barbara J. Maggiani, PA-C


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