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Goff's view re Chiapas favors violence, tells Chiapans what to do

To the Editor:

How disturbing that your commentary writer, Stan Goff [Commentary in March '98], would assume that the people of Chiapas must take a "forward" step towards violence!

One more North American imposing his violent fantasies and strategies—American as apple pie, of course—on the people of Latin America.

When will we try to learn from our neighbors, who have much to teach us, instead of telling them what to do?

Sister Evelyn Mattern

Farmworkers deserve clean water; invention could help

Dearest Prism Editor:

I got the latest copy of Prism at the library at Cameron Village. I read with interest the front page article on the essential needs of farm workers. ["Wellspring Scorns, Fudges Facts on Strawberry Workers," by Sheila Payne, May '98.]

How dumb and stupid can people like Jim Hunt and Commissioner Stewart Adcock of Wake County get if they don't provide essentials for NC farm workers. A farm worker needs to wash his face & have a good supply of drinking water all day long.

In spite of my harsh remarks about the politicians I recognize my obligation to support "The Superior Authorities" of Romans 13th chapter of the Bible.

I am a retired senior citizen and inventor. How simple and profitable to supply our farm workers their needs.

We have portable toilets. We need another portable facility.

This can be a plastic shell with a supply of fresh water to wash with in the field. The same unit can have a battery powered water fountain in it, complete with a water tank big enough to last all day with ice in it.

Have these units placed on every farm. I give this invention free to Prism. You can patent it in your name. Have businesses such as Redilite distribute these. Provides more jobs too.

David Burkhart.


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