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Public Worker Organizing Kicks Off

Grieving for Justice Campaign

Prepared and edited by the HOSEA HUDSON CLUB

The North Carolina Public Service Workers Union UE Local 150, in conjunction with organizing the housekeepers of the University of North Carolina system, has initiated the Grieving for Justice Campaign. In response to worsening conditions for state service employees, downsizing, discrimination based on sex and race, the lack of adequate funding for certain schools, below living wages, and harassment of housekeepers, grounds keepers, and maintenance employees on UNC campuses, UE 150 has begun a systematic effort to collect the grievances of these workers to present them cumulatively to the UNC Board of Governors, the NC General Assembly, and the public.

UE 150 is seeking volunteers to assist with this effort around the state. Targeted campuses are UNC Chapel Hill, ECU, NC State, NC A&T, Fayetteville State, NC Central, UNC Greensboro, and Winston Salem State. Local 150 intends to sign up new union members as they collect the grievances. The stated goal is to collect 500 grievances by September 31, 1997 and to sign up 500 new union members by November 31, 1997.

Grieving for Justice Campaign (GFJC) Interviewer's Training and Orientation Meeting will be held July 26 in Durham, specific location to be determined. For information, contact United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America, 157 1/2 East Franklin Street, Suite 8, Chapel Hill, NC 27514, phone 919-932-1844 (Chapel Hill), 919-977-8162 (Rocky Mount). This is an extremely important campaign.

Interview training and orientation meeting July 26, Durham (location still to be determined).

Saladin Muhammed 919-977-2818
Steve Bader 919-286-1129

Organize the unorganized!


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