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From the Mouths of Babes

Younger children were asked to write a story telling what they would do if given magic seeds which could cure hunger. Some of those children, featured here, have personally dealt with great poverty and hunger. Older students wrote analyses and recommendations.


One day while I was playing. . . in my backyard my friend came over. He told me about some people across town who were starving. Right then I remembered something my grandmother gave me. They were magic seeds! My grandmother said to me that I would know when to use them. I quickly told my friend and my mom where I was going and me and my friend raced off on our bikes and headed for across town.

When we got there I told some people what we were doing and I planted the seeds. They began growing immediately. The plant was about 12 feet tall and it was a watermelon plant. I picked a watermelon from the plant and cut it open. Inside was a gold coin. Soon there was a pile of coins.

And they never got hungry again except the time they met the devil. But that was another story.

By Thomas

I will help the hungry people. I will give them some food and I will buy some food for the people and for the babies and sick people, and I went and bought some magic seeds to feed all the hungry people. I will give all the food I have and I will buy some more... I will help the sick people and the babies.

This kind of seed I have: corn, green bean, potato, watermelon, carrot, squash, apple, orange, banana, kiwi, coconut (cocktail!)... Then will call all the people to the fair to feed all the food to them and then I will invite them to come over to my house and they will be welcome any time, anywhere and anyhow.

And I will give them the grace and they can get how much food they want.

Akela Byers, Age 10
5th grade, Jefferson Davis Diggs Elementary.

I will give them the magical seeds. . . and tell them to put water on the seeds. And when we leave, the people will plant the seeds and the seeds will pop up and would be these kinds of seeds. The seeds will be kiwi, canteloupe, watermelon, sweet potatoes, squash, and cabbage seeds. And I will call the town to the nearest shelter and put them in line and give them two plates a piece. And pray when I go home that the people will never go hungry for the rest of their lives.

Brando Highsmith, 10 years old
5th grade, Jefferson Davis Diggs Elementary.


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