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Southeast Office for Bread for the World Opens

Faithful Pressure Congress to Fight Hunger


Bread for the World (BFW) is a faith-based citizens' movement against hunger. BFW members and local churches across the country are making a real difference in the lives of poor people by speaking out to their members of Congress in support of important anti-hunger legislation. The Hunger Has A Cure Act of 1997 (H.R.1507), for which North Carolina Congresswoman Eva Clayton has been a lead co-sponsor, is the centerpiece of BFW's efforts this year and has won broad bipartisan support in Washington. H.R.1507 seeks to expand and improve national nutrition programs that were severely cut by last year's welfare law.

Through its nationwide letter-writing campaigns, Bread for the World tries to shape a more just and compassionate national policy in regard to hunger in this country and around the world. Our legislative focus for the next year will be on a bill to benefit small farmers and women in local communities in Africa. Women holding small farms are estimated to produce up to 70% of food cultivated in Africa.

Charleston, SC, has been identified as the site for BFW's newest regional office. "We are hoping to strengthen our effectiveness in the southern states," commented the Rev. Mark Barwick, BFW's organizer for the Southeast Region. "Historically many areas in the South have sustained high levels of poverty, even though a strong base of active churches and community concern is in place. There are also key political leaders throughout the region, so it is important to develop a strong southern voice on these issues. Bread for the World is out to transform the politics of hunger in this country."

The BFW National office is in the Washington, DC area.

An open house for the new Southeast Regional Office is planned for Tuesday, November 18, from 5 to 8 pm. The office is located at St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, 405 King Street at Marion Square in downtown Charleston.

For more information on Bread for the World and local BFW activities, call the office at (803) 579-9900.

Southeast Regional Office
Bread for the World
405 King Street
Charleston, SC 29403
(803) 579-9900


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