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The first thing you should know if you were raped or sexually assaulted is that it was not your fault. For local rape crisis hotlines click here or scroll down. You can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline, operated by RAINN, 24 hours a day at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673). RAINN will automatically refer you to a local hotline operator. Feel free to request to speak to a person of your gender. Message boards are recommended as a good first step if you are not ready to talk. If you are reporting a rape you should ask the local crisis center for a victim's advocate who will walk you through the process. For information on Reporting a rape click here.

RAINN now hosts an online crisis counseling service.


Rape Crisis Center


"Our mission is to provide support and promote healing for anyone affected in any way by sexual violence. " 24-Hour Helpline: 1-800-928-RAPE

All Rape Crisis Center services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

  • 24-Hour Helpline
  • Counseling and therapy to help and support the victim, his/her family, and friends
  • Support groups for survivors of rape, sexual abuse and incest
  • Advocacy for victims by meeting them at the hospital emergency room, the police station, and court
  • Referrals to other appropriate community resources
  • Third party reporting: Through the Center, victims can choose to report information to the police anonymously and without participating in the judicial process
  • Assistance with Victim Compensation Claims

Kentucky Sexual Assault and Mental Health Resources


"The Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs (KASAP) is the statewide coalition of the 13 rape crisis centers in the commonwealth. The mission of KASAP is to speak with a unified voice against sexual victimization. In support of this mission, KASAP provides technical assistance, facilitates collaboration, promotes public awareness, and develops, promotes, and monitors public policy. KASAP can help you identify the local rape crisis center or sexual assault agency in your district or county. (502) 226-2704"


The Center for Women and Families


"Established in 1975, the Rape Crisis Program began out of a growing community need to help victims of rape or sexual assault. A rape or sexual assault is an experience for which no one is prepared. Often, the first step toward healing begins with a Center representative meeting with a victim at the hospital. Beyond the initial hospital visit, the Rape Crisis Program provides counseling and support groups not only to rape victims, but also to their friends and families. The Rape Crisis Program helps victims and their friends and family rebuild their lives and become survivors.

Call Toll Free 24 Hours at (877) 803-7577 for immediate help."


Women's Crisis Center


"Mission: To provide a 24-hour crisis hotline, crisis intervention, advocacy, community education, counseling and support services for rape survivors."

Northern Kentucky: 859-491-3335 or 800-928-3335
Maysville: 606-564-6708 or 800-928-6708

or you may contact The Gay & Lesbian National Network at 1.888.THE.GLNH (1.888.843.4564)


Hope Harbor


"Hope Harbor provides nonjudgmental and confidential support services to those affected by sexual assault or abuse and attempts to reduce the risk of victimization." 1-800-656-HOPE (4673) or (270) 846-1100




"The Pathways philosophy is to provide a complete package of prevention and treatment services designed to meet community needs."


The Community Resource Network


"It is the ultimate goal of the Community Resource Network Data Center to work with others to bring about knowledge-based community change by providing an accessible, integrated system of neighborhood-level information to a wide variety of users, and to build the capacity of people and organizations to use data for community planning, action, and evaluation."


Louisville, KY Hotlines:

Center for women and families 24 hour crisis line 502-581-7222

Crisis and Information center 24 hour crisis line 502-589-4313

RAPline 24 hours 502-589-URAP (8727)

Rape Crisis 24 hour crisis line 502-581-7273

Shelter House 24 hour crisis line 502-635-5233

Police 911


Google local search - maps for rape crisis centers in Louisville, Kentucky

See also: Domestic violence

Louisville women's shelters call 211 or collect (502) 581-7200, Kentucky domestic violence shelters call 211.


Mental Health in Kentucky

See also : Therapy

A directory of places you can get counseling or referrals (SAMHSA). Often these can be less expensive community resources.

Are you in crisis? Call 1-800-SUICIDE

Bluegrass Nutrition Counseling, Tina Thompson MS, RD, LD. Private Practice/Individual Counseling, Nutritional Counseling, Support Groups. Males and females, adolescents and adults. Lexington, KY, 859-388-9152, bncincky@juno.com

Eating disorders recovery group for young women (college-aged). Contact Tina Thompson in Lexington, Kentucky at bncincky@juno.com or 859-388-9152.


Adventurehaven Center for Eating Disorders Education & Recovery

3031 Dixie Highway, Suite 100A, Edgewood, Kentucky United States, 41017. 859-578-9899, Fax: 859-578-9897, Email: info@adventurehaven.com.


University of Kentucky

University Health Service Nutritional Counseling
Kentucky, United States,
859-323-5823 ext. 238, Email: mlbrin00@pop.uky.edu

Kentucky Consumer Advocate Network

This organization offers a number of services. Please call (800)564-8034 or (502)245-5281.

Kentucky Department for State Mental Health

This website has alot of good information about available resources and hotlines (502) 564-4456.

Kentucky Mental Health Coalition

502-894-0222 Email Questions & Concerns to:

Kentucky Psychiatric Medical Association

1(877)597-7924. This website has a number of good resources on how to find a therapist.

Kentucky Psychological Association

To find a therapist go under public/public/find a psychologist. Search by region and topic.

NAMI Kentucky- support group listing

For more information on any of these programs, contact the NAMI KY office at 1-800-257-5081; or (502) 245-5284.


Mental health Association

Toll Free 888-705-0463


Local University Women's Centers

Women's Center at the University of Louisville



Educating, advocating, and building diverse communities. Check the calendar for events such as take back the night, women's week and the Vagina Monologues.

If you need any other social services such as a shelter please call 211 for a referral.

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