I hope that this page will be a treasure house of facts, statistics, etc., on traffic laws. I hope this page will grow and grow to be the number one source for info on all sort of driving issues. I hope this page will convince the general public that "Speed DOES NOT Kill". I am interested in what speed limits were before the 55mph mandate on all roads (not just freeways). I am interested in those few rare State/County/Towns that have reasonable speed limits/traffic laws, officers that actually pull over obnoxious, rude, ignorant, stupid (ones that pull out right in front of you, never mind the fact you are doing 60), and slow poke drivers (especially on two lane highways) and basically leave SAFE speeders alone. I am also interested in other countries' speed limits and their death and accident statistics. I basically want this place to be a one-stop place for info on traffic regulations etc... (I currently have VERY little info in this area so PLEASE if you know of anything that relates to the above write to me at kevinatk@home.com)

Pending Projects

Speed Limits Etc.. FAQ Currently only a sketchy rough draft but it will improve with time. Submissions are more than welcome.

One of the things that aggravates me more than artificially low speed limits is public opinion on the speed limits and speeding in general. Most Americans speed but tell their children not to. I have read one article after another where the person writing the article clearly believes speeding is ok however they won't admit it, they will tell the reader they don't recommend speeding but what they do is up to them. In response to this I started a list of those type of articles, web pages, etc. so that we can write to them asking them why they are trying to be "politically correct". [Goto List]

Coming Soon: (I hope) An interactive step-by-step guide designed to convince skeptics that speed does not kill. [More Info].

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