Re: Repeal of the National Speed Limit Law

    "Steve" == Steve Sheldon <sheldon@iastate.edu> writes:

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    Steve> exushml@exu.ericsson.se (Shyamal Prasad) writes:
    >> You should watch English drivers on their 3 lane motorways. If
    >> you close in on a car in the middle lane it will probably move

    Steve>  That's all well and good.

    Steve>  But you ignore the fact that for some stupid, dumb reason,
    Steve> many interstates in major cities in the US happen to have
    Steve> exit ramps on the left side of the road.

    Steve>  I don't really see how you can feasibly expect everyboy to
    Steve> drive in the right lane when they may have to exit to the
    Steve> left a half mile ahead.

I agree....but in cities speed limits are often high enough, and these
rules do break down. I think the point I was making was that major
British motorways are often 3 lanes *outside* of cities.

I have driven from Austin, TX to San Antonio, TX on I-35 where a large
part of the drive is 3 lanes with a 65 mph limit. It's pretty
stressfull because there is little lane discipline, and there are cars
passing at random in all lanes and you have to weave in and out if you
want to go faster. There are no left exits here....it's just the
attitude that "there are always two other lanes to pass in" that makes
it so dangerous.

At any rate, there are no simple answers :-)

Shyamal Prasad
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