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The origin of my alias was to use it as an alias to cover my real e-mail and name and have a spam-free e-existence.

This alias (well, it's direct translation into Spanish) is a regular character found in the jokes of an incredibly funny spanish comedian called Chiquito de la Calzada.

Where did I begin on internet

My first real encounter with the on-line comunity soon enough provide me with the lessons of e-mail masquerading and alias deveopment.

The comunity was the newsgroup soc.culture.catalan, where I frenzy-posted roughly from 1997 to 1999. There, I learned about netiquette, spam, spam-fighting, the evil frames, the Big Five and long lasting internet-friendhsip.

Now, I'm an active member of the Linux comunity at es.comp.os.linux, where I try to help and be helped in this rewarding OS of choice. You can visit the group's webpage.


Yeah, right: my alias is not properly spelled in English.

At least in English as we know it in Y2K. IMHO English language will get rid of all its "" suffixes so they will turn into "...y".

Also, it gives a hint to all of you, my English-speaking friends, that maybe I'm not a native English-speaker. Exactly, I'm a Catalan-speaker, as you sure have guessed by the existing links and options in the remodeled page. For further info on Catalan, Catalonia et al, visit this link.