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Current List (as October, 2000) of much enjoyed bands and artists

You'll find a list of some of my most enjoyed bands. Eventually, this list will grow until all my music is in here. Now, there's only complete albums listed in here. Singles, Maxi-singles and all that are out until my next revision of the page.

The convention used in the albums listing is:

  1. An integer number (base 10)
  2. Album's name
  3. Year of release or copyright or something similar ;P
  4. Media purchased.
    (Obviously, if there's more than one type means that I actually purchased it in more than one media. Yes, Bozos'R'Us.)

    • CD - Compact Disc
    • LP - Long Play Album
    • K7 - Music Cassette
  5. Notes

List of Artists

Mike Oldfield

Tubular Bells (Top)

This english-born, guitar virtuoso shows its celtic roots whenever possible.

As a secret, his personal preferences for music include heavy-metal. This is shown in some of his songs and also in delimited parts of his long themes.

Tubular Bells1973CD
The Orchestral Tubular Bells1974LP
Boxed1976LP 4 Discs
Incantations1978LP 2 Discs
Exposed1979LP 2 Discs, Live
Five Milles Out1982LP
The Killing Fields (OFS)1984LP
The Complete Mike Oldfield1985LP 2 Discs
Earth Moving1989LP
Heaven's Open1991LP
Tubular Bells II1992CD
The Songs Of Distant Earth1994CD
Tubular Bells III1998CD
The Millenium Bell1999CD



Marillion (Top)

A very special band, Marillion is a survivor of the Progressive-Symphonic Rock bands.

Born with Fish as a leading vocalist and alma mater of the Band.
When he left the band, Steve Hogart joined them, changing it's path forever.

Now they are different.
Not better, nor worst.
Just plainly different.

Marillion is compossed by those great guys:

Derek Dick "Fish" (until 1989), Steve Hogart (from 1990) as leading vocalists; Steve Rothery on guitars; Mark Kelly on keyboards; Pete Tewavas on bass guitar; Mike Pointer (1982-83), John Martyr (1983) and Ian Mosley (1984-on) on drums and percussion.

Script for a Jester's Tear1982? LP Not sure about the year. Now it's 5.000 miles away.
Misplaced Childhood1985CD
Clutching At Straws1987CD
B'Sides Themselves1988CD
The Thieving Magpie (La Gazza Ladra)1988K7 Live, 2 Discs, Lost :(
Season's End1989LP
Holidays in Eden1991LP
Six Of One, Half-Dozen Of The Other1992LP
Brave1994 CD



Fish Logo (Top)

This scotish man is a one-in-a-million vocalist.

You could think that he is a lumber-jack or a pier-worker. His sheer height and powerful voice looming over you on stage can disturb your animal instincts, while his music compositions will disturb your mind.

Fish will sing you about daily heroes, Scotland or else.

Unfortunately, after leaving Marillion the distribution chanels forgot my usual buying spots, so I'm missing a big part of his masterpieces.
Hopefully, with enough internet time, available money and luck, I'll increase my collection of this Boy's Own Stories.

Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors1990LP, CD 1 extra song on the CD
Internal Exile1991LP, CD 1 extra song on the CD
Sunsets On Empire1997CD



Rush Logo (Top)

This canadian Band (yeah! they're Canadian) is what Led Zeppelin would have looked like if they stayed on Bussiness. Specialy their first album is like Led Zeppelin with a slightly different voice.

Who are those guys?

Actually, Geddy Lee is the voice, Rush most obvious and notorious trademark.
Alex Lifeson is the guitarrist who evolved from metal-guitarrist to virtuoso.
Neil Peart took over the drums from John Rutsey. (John left after their first album.)
Neil become the creative soul after Rush masterpieces.

Fly By Night1975CD
Caress Of Steel1975CD
All The World's A Stage1976CD Live, 2 Discs on LP or 1 CD with a missing song
Farewell To The Kings1977LP
Permanent Waves1980CD
Moving Pictures1981K7 Lost :(
Exit... Stage Left1981K7 Live, Lost :(
Grace Under Pressure1984CD
Power Windows1985CD
Hold Your Fire1987LP, CD
Presto1989K7 Lost :(
A Show Of Hands1989CD Live
Cronicles1990LP Triple LP, now lost in a galaxy far, far away
Roll The Bones1991LP
Test For Echo1996CD