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Madrid, 11 Març 2004
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Help - HOWTO use this web

I planned this web to easy a multi-language navigation. So, it presents a well-defined layout stablished in 3 main parts: Header, Navigation Menu and Body

  • Header
    There's (left to right) an identifier of this web's compliance with W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards; the Section Title of the current webpage; and links to the available languages for this web.
  • Navigation Menu
    It's placed on the left part of the page. Tha background is light grey. It's filled with links to the different sections available in this web. Each section is identified with a coloured bullet (either green or red), a title and, sometimes, a subtitle.
    The current section changes its bullet to red colour and the background is from a darker grey. When the current section has subsections, they only show up while visiting the section.
  • Body
    It's the biggest area of the webpage. It's right below the Header. It forms about a 70% of the visible area. What you are reading right now it in the Body. Here the content of the page.
    Available subsections in the Body are navigabla through the side Navigation Menu. For example, in this very page, we have here the following 'Help', 'History' and 'About this web' subsections.


About this Web

This web started as a practical HTNML 4.01 learning project. I acquired and studied the book

HTML 4.0 Unleashed, Professional Reference Edition (Rick Darnell et al, 1998, Publishing).

The examples in the book were not really appaling. Add to this the great posibilities of my Linux system and there you have me developing web pages that are of my interest. And, just like this, I ended transforming it all in this web that you are right now. Thank you for visiting these pages.

This site has been developed with free tools, GNU style, on a GNU/Linux OS. I've mainly used Quanta+ 1.7 Web Development Environment, under graphical environments like KDE 2.0 and AfterStep, with a Mandrake Linux 7.2 distribution and a PC AMD K6/2-400 made by Sinner.