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The camera

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Search for your Camera

Probably, your camera is already installed and working:


Just go to the next section on the Main Index.

Is it installed or what?

  1. First, let's check if it's installed in our system. Try doing the following

    Start > Programs

  2. You should get something like this image, a program named "Logitech QuickCam" or something similar.

  3. You can also have, on the lower bar, something similar to this image, a purple-blue icon with the shape of the camera.

  4. You can as well have ai icon like this on your desktop.

  5. If you've found some of this stuff, you have it already installed.

If you already have it installed and you want to configure it, follow this link. If you want to install it, keep reading.


Install the camera

  1. If it's not installed, check the manual. There you'll probably discover (depending on the models) that first you install the software and then you connect the camera to the computer. A Logitech's idea on how to do things.

  2. Follow the directions of the manual to install the camera. There it's explained how to do it.


Configure the Camera

  1. To set up your camera, first you have to run the software.

  2. Do it following this advice:

    Start > Programs > Logitech QuickCam > QuickCam Software

    as shown here

    • Option. You can also start the program with this icon that you'll find in your desktop (unless you've erased it, of course)

  3. After starting the program you'll see, where its highlighted in red, there's a small button named "Settings" like this: Settings. Clicking on this button, you'll get the preferences window where you can change the configuration of your microphone. Usually, if you are already seeing the camera's intake, you only have to make sure that the microphone is working at an appropiate level.


Ok: The camera is ready! Go Back