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WINE is a project that lets you use Windows programs under Linux. There's several ways of getting this to work. The easier way is to avoid using Windows at all (in the case that you have it also installed in your system).

WINE project is still in a test stage. This means that nobody can grant that a given program will work properly. But the project is very advanced, so we have a good change that any application will work properly.


Programs that work under WINE

For a list of programs that are know to work inder WINE, check those websites:


Downloading WINE

There are several placs where to get WINE from. Some Linux distributions already have WINE. So the first place wher to look for WINE is inside your Linux CD. If this WINE version does work for your favourite Windows program, skip to the configuration step. If it does not work, try with a newer version.
You can get WINE in different formats: RPM for RedHat, Mandrake and SuSE (and similar ones), DEB for Debian (and similar ones) and tar.gz for any distribution (although you will need to compile,... don't worry, it is a very easy task). The websites were you can download WINE are the ones listed here. I've tried the following:
  • Wine Dataparty. They provide RPM and TAR.GZ formats. They provide the very latest WINE releases. Recomended!
  • Linux Easy. They provide RPMs. Their versions have been very well packaged. Specially good is the good default configuration. They are aimed to Linux users with little-to-none experience with WINE.
  • CodeWeavers WINE. They ship WINE plus a very easy utility for the WINE configuration in a graphical way. Recomended for graphical configuration utility's lovers.
There's a WINE specially thought for Games. You can find it at their TransGaming web.


WINE Configuration

Note: Because ther's different ways of doing WINE installations, I will show my personal experiences. In the future, with more time, I will keep adding information for other configuration systems.
In this page, you have an example of WINE configuration. With this, I am able to play Steel Panthers: World At War, a game made for Windows + DirectX. As you can see, it works prefectly on Linux.