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Desktop Backgrounds made with GIMP

The original (X Background ) was made by Zeljo Vukman. Using the wonderful application The GIMP and taking as a base the original background, I made the following images:

Why 'Y' and 'Z'? Well, I use 3 desktops and, if one is named 'X', the sensible thing to do is to name the others 'Y' and 'Z'.


Screenshots (29-11-2000)


Quanta+ and Konqueror (191Kb, 1024x768)
X Background, by Zeljo Vukman (13Kb, 512x384)
Y Background, by Sinner from the Prairy (11Kb, 512x384)
Z Background, by Sinner from the Prairy (13Kb, 512x384)
Browsing Madness: Netscape 6 and Konqueror 1.98 (175Kb, 1024x768)


WINE Screenshots

WINE is a Linux that emulates an existing Windows (3.1/95/NT/2000), so you can use Windows programs without really needing Windows. You'l find that I have screenshots from development applications, games, utilities , ...

WINE 20000909

WINE Screnshots (September, 9th, 2000 release)
Borland C++ Builder 1.0 (175Kb, 1024x768)
Steel Panthers: World at War 4.0 installation (71Kb, 1024x768)
Steel Panthers: OOB Editor (161Kb, 1024x768)
Installation of QuickTime on Linux, the wellcome screen
Installation of QuickTime on Linux, select your language and country
Installation of QuickTime on Linux, downloading the selected components
Installation of QuickTime on Linux, updating the registry.
Installation of QuickTime on Linux, ending the install.
Running QuickTime on Linux. Unfortunately, I was unable to play QT movies with this aplication.


CodeWeavers WINE 1.0-pre2 20010112

Scrrenshots made with the release made by Codeweavers (a version that let's you to use and configure WINE in a user-friendly way), including the WINE release from January, 12th, 2001.
Acrobat Reader's File selection. It looks wierd. Some problems with a WINE .so library? quite posibly. Trying a newer version of WINE could solve this.
WinZip File selection-1. Some wierdness detected here. Even though, you can work with it.
WinZip File selection-2. Even more wierd! Still, it works.
WinZip starting OK.
WinVi32 under Wine. For those vi fanatics over there, stuck with Windows, WinVI32 is the best option. For the crazy beta-tester on us, what can be cooler than to run a Vi for Windows under WINE?
RealPlayer for Windows under WINE, playing live radio from internet. Note that there's no visible menu!
RealPlayer for Windows under WINE, with the faulty OpenFile dialog. It works great, though.
NERO Burning ROM under WINE.It seems to work pretty well. No IDE/SCSI bus burners detected, though. You're welcome to test it more: create image files and all that.
Here you have WinAmp with a wierd behaviour. It plays music. The List Window doesn't respond to clicks but... I get music!
Internet Explorer 5.0 showing a wierd behaviour on its menu.
Internet Explorer 5.0's "About..." screen. Scary look, huh?
MS Messenger after signing-in, showing the same annoying messages as in Windows. It crashes after a while, though.
Running with one user in MS-Messenger and wih another user with Everybuddy. Both on-line.
Real time messaging between MS-Messenger and Everybuddy.
MS-Messenger crashed while trying to use the "phone dial". It looks like it's not suppported yet on WINE :(
Starting MediaPlayer on Wine
MediaPlayer playing an MPEG movie: "Maru", a StarWars-uinverse based film with your "meat & potatoes" light-saber duel. Really cool!
Logitech's USB QuickCam software. It starts but it doesn't play. Problems ith VXD devices, I've learnt. But it can do internet upgrade checking flawlessly. Geting closer.
Star Wars: Rebellion starting titles. This is as far as it goes.
Lucas Arts StarWars: Rebellion logo. One day, it will work, I'm sure.