T i r u v a i m o z h i   of   N a m m a z h w a r - Centum : 5-6

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katalNYaalam seythEnum yaanE ennum*
katalNYaalam aavEnum yaanE ennum*
katalNYaalam koNtEnum yaanE ennum*
katalNYaalam keeNtEnum yaanE ennum*
katalNYaalam uNtEnum yaanE ennum*
katal NYaalaththeesan vanNthERak kolO?*
katal NYaalaththeerkku ivaiyen sollugEn?*
katal NYaalaththu en magaL kaRkinRavE?*.(2)	5.6.1

My daughter says: "I am the One who created the world surrounded by the
oceans; I am the One who is the World itself; I am the One who measured
this world; I am the same One who protected this world by bringing it out
during Varaaha avathaaram. I am the One who ate the universe during Cosmic
cycle end retained it in my stomach". She talks like that. Listening to
her such statements, it appears Emperumaan has entered into Her body. She
is talking like NityasUris, while living in this world of samsaaram. What
should I tell you, Guys?

kaRkum kalvikku ellaiyilanE ennum*
kaRkum kalvi yaavEnum yaanE ennum*
kaRkum kalvi seyvEnum yaanE ennum*
kaRkum kalvi theerppEnum yaanE ennum*
kaRkum kalvichchaaramum yaanE ennum*
kaRkum kalvi_naathan vanthERak kolO?*
kaRkum kalviyeerkku ivaiyen sollugEn*
kaRkum kalvi enmagaL kaaNkinRavE?*.	5.6.2

My girl says: "I am NOT bounded by the education that is learnt;(means, I
am beyond learning). I am that education itself; I am the One who makes
education that is learnt and also the One who clarifies doubts and
establishes the Truth in Education; (means, the teachers and the taught
are all my puppets only). I am the essence of education" Like that she has
been uttering. Has Emperumaan entered into her? When you all are
attempting to step into the first step towards the (Spiritual) education,
How can I describe the one she utters? (She is capable of only repeating
what is told; But, now today, she utters such highly philosophical
statements- what shall I say?)

kaaNkinRa nilamellaam yaanE ennum*
kaaNkinRa visumpellaam yaanE ennum*
kaaNkinRa vendheeyellaam yaanE ennum*
kaaNginRa ikkaaRRellaam yaanE ennum*
kaaNkinRa katalellaam yaanE ennum*
kaaNkinRa katal vaNNaNnERak kolO?*
kaaNkinRa ulagaththeerkku en sollugEn*
kaaNkinRa eNn kaarigai seykinRavE?*. 	5.6.3

My daughter tells: "The land that is seen everywhere is me; the sky, the
red fire, the air, the Oceans, etc., - everything is me;- Seeing this
speech of hers, it makes me feel that Emperumaan is using her as an
instrument by getting into her and speak all these. How to tell all that
she says , oh people!

seykinRa kithiyellaam yaanE ennum*
seyvaan inRanakaLum yaanE ennum*
seythumun iRandhavum yaanE ennum*
seygaip payaNnuNpEnum yaanE ennum*
seyvaargaLaich cheyvEnum yaanE ennum*
seyya kamalak KaNNaNnERak kolO?*
seyya ulakaththeerkku ivaiyen sollugEn*
seyya kanivaay iLamaan thiRaththE?*.	 5.6.4

My darling says: "The actions that are performed in all past, present and
the future is all done by me" she also says: "I am enjoying all fruits of
all actions, while the karmA, that is performed and the karthA(the doer)
are all under my control". She says "I am the one creating the doers of
these karmAs;" Listening to her such speeches, I feel that The Red Lotus
eyed Lord Emperumaan has entered into her speak like this. Oh Guys, who
keep asking about my daughter, what to tell you and How?

thiRampaamal maNkaakkinREn yaanE ennum*
thiRampaamal malai eduththEnE ennum*
thiRampaamal asuraraik konREnE ennum*
thiRamgaatti anRu_aivaraik kaaththEnE ennum*
thiRampaamal katal katainNthEnE ennum*
thiRampaatha katalvaNNan ERak kolO?*
thiRampaatha ulagaththeerkku en sollugEn*
thiRampaathu eNn dhirumagaL eythinavE?*.	5.6.5

My daughter says :Without making even a small injustice to any one or
anything whatsoever, with no support, I protect the entire universe. I am
the One who lifted the GovardhanaGiri effortlessly and stayed put for
seven days and nights." She talks as if She is Govindhan. "I killed
asurAs; I have saved Pancha Paandavaas in the battle with my smart moves;
I churned ThiruupaaRkadal (Milk ocean)" Like that she keeps saying; Looks
like Emperumaan has definitely entered into her. What to tell you, folks,
(who are standing in the bank about this girl, who is deep down in the
waters, about her experience of bliss in the water- you will not
understand-interprets nampiLLai.)

inavEymalai EndhinEn yaanE ennum*
inavERugaL seRREnum yaanE ennum*
inavaaNnkanRu mEyththEnum yaanE ennum*
inavaanNirai kaaththEnum yaanE ennum*
inavaayar thalaivanum yaanE ennum*
inaththEvar thalaivan vanNthERak kolO?*
inavERkaN nalleerkku ivaiyen sollugEn*
inavER kaNNi enmagaL uRRanavE?*.	5.6.6

My girl says, " I am the One who lifted the Big, Huge Govardhana mountain
most effortlessly; I am the one who killed the seven oxen; I am the
Cowherd boy, who took the groups and groups of cattle which were much
bigger than me in size; I was the Chief of all cowherd folks;" Listening
to all these, it appears the Chief of NityasUris, has definitely entered
into this girl. What shall I talk to you about this most beautiful eyed
girl of mine?

uRRaargaL enakku illai yaarumennum*
uRRaargaL enakku ingellaarum ennum*
uRRaargaLaich cheyvEnum yaanE ennum*
uRRaargaLai azhippEnum yaanE ennum*
uRRaargaLukku uRREnum yaanE ennum*
uRRaarili maayan vandhERak kolO?*
uRReergatku en_sollich chollugEn yaan?*
uRRu en_Nnutaip pEdhai uraikkinRavE?*.	5.6.7

My daughter utters sentences like "I have no relations; and at the same
time even though there is no relation who knows me fully, There is
ABSOLUTELY NONE who CAN NOT be thought of as my relation; All are my
relations;" She also says: "After creating the relations, I am the One who
offers them whatever they need for their sustenance by standing within
them (as antharyaami); and at the end, I am the one who removes their
belongings and shackles and free them; Those who hold me as the only
fruit, I am offering myself as everything to them; I am "Most
incomprehensible One" even by the Most knowledgeable people; I AM THE ONE
kataaksham);" She talks all such statments; What and How shall I explain
them to you? (AzhWar narrates in this pAsuram, how Emperumaan saves all of
us, by His mercy on us)

uraikkinRa mukkaNpiraan yaanE ennum*
uraikkinRa thisaimugan yaanE ennum*
uraikkinRa amararum yaanE ennum*
uraikkinRa amarar kOn yaanE ennum,
uraikkinRa munivarum yaanE ennum
uraikkinRa mugil vaNNaNn ERakkolO?,
uraikkinRa ulagaththeerkku en sollugEn?
uraikkinRa eNn kOmaLa oN_kotikkE*.	5.6.8

My daughter tells: "I am the Sivan, who is talked about in puraaNaas;
(Sivan is reported to be a part of Emperumaan.s body). I am the
Naanmukhan, the four faced BrahmA; I am the DevAs; I am their Chief,
IndrA, too; I am the Rishis, the ones, who recite vEdAs;" I think only
Emperumaan, the Blue hued Cloud coloured Lord, has entered into her body
and spoken all these statements; What can I tell you, folks, who have been
enquiring so much about the status of my daughter, the Most beautiful
Creeper (kOmaLakkodi).

kotiya vinaiyaathumilanE ennum*
kotiya vinaiyaavEnum yaanE ennum*
kotiyavinai seyvEnum yaanE ennum*
kotiyavinai theerppEnum yaanE ennum*
kotiyaan ilangai cheRREnE ennum*
kotiya puLLutaiyavan ERak kolO?*
kotiya ulagaththeerkku ivaiyen sollugEn*
kotiyEn koti enmagaL kOlangaLE?*.	5.6.9

My daughter says: "I am not bounded by karmAs and am unlike all others,
who are bounded by their karmAs; There is nokarmA for me; (KarmAs and
sorrows that I come across during avataars are all willingly undertaken by
me and I am never bounded by that). Even the cruel karmAs and samsaaric
afflictions are all under my control; I am the One who enables jIvAthmAs
undergo their karmic diseases; I am the One who removes their
"vinaippayan" too, the puNyams and paapams from the past karmAs of my
devotees and those who have surrendered to my feet; I am the One who
killed rAvaNA!"- Like that she spakes! Can you imagine that my darling
daughter speaking all such statements? It is done by Emperumaan, who must
have entered into her; What else to say?

kOlam goL suvarggamum yaanE ennum*
kOlamil naragamum yaanE ennum*
kOlamthigazh mOkkamum yaanE ennum
kOlam_goL uyirgaLum yaanE ennum,
kOlam_goL thanimuthal yaanE ennum
kOlam_goL mugilvaNNan ERak kolO?
kOlam_goL ulagaththeerkku en sollugEn
kOlam thigazhkOdhai eNn koonNthalukkE!*.	5.6.10

She says: "I am the beautiful heaven and also the cruel hell; I am the
Parama Padham itself; I am the Cause, the Primordial Chief for all of
these;"- the way she keeps on saying such statements, with so much
conviction and assurances, it is very much certain that Emperumaan is
making her speak; (in this pAsuram, for "kOlam koL thanimudhal naanE",
nampiLLai says 1. I am the cause and essence of beings, and non-beings, 2.
It is Emperumaan.s sankhalpa rUpa jnAnam and 3. I am the SarvEshwaran , a
combination of the cause and essence of all beings, possess the sankhalpa
rUpa jnAnam and the most auspicious kalyANa guNAs;)

koondhal malar mangaikkum maNmatanNthaikkum*
kulavaayar kozhundhukkum kELvan dhannai*
vaayndha vazhuthi vaLa naatan* mannu-
kurukoorch chatagOpan kuRREval seythu*
aayndha thamizh maalai* aayiraththuL-
ivaiyum Or paththum vallaar* ulagil-
Endhu perunchelvaththaraayth* thirumaal-
adiyaar_kaLaip poosikka nNORRaargaLE*.(2) 	5.6.11

Periya Piraati and BhUmi piraatti, the Ones, who wear the most fragrant
flowers in Their hairs, and the Most Beautiful Nappinnai Piraatti- Their
Naathan, Their Chief, SarvEshwaran, Sriman NarayaNan- about Him, in praise
of Him, Sri SadagOpar has sung these 1000 pAsurams of superb, faultless
quality, and performed eternal Great kaimkaryam to the Lord.  Out of those
BHAKTHAS. (means we will do all that thrills and excites SrI vaishNavAs;
The most unbounded wealth, we will get, means we will be blessed with SrI
VaishNavam, which is the Most unbounded treasure)

T i r u v a i m o z h i   of   N a m m a z h w a r - Centum : 5-6

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