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Welcome to the VietNam Multimedia Archives at MetaLab.Unc.Edu. These archives consist of a number of JPEGs and GIFs, MIDI sequences and RealAudio clips, distributed among the following categories : : Scenery; Monuments; People; Art; History; Midi; Poetry.

Additional Sections
Check out the Vietnamese Java ticker tape applet from Trichlor. A gallery of photographs of popular Vietnamese singers can also be seen at VWeb.Net.
FTP All the pictures in these archives can also be FTPed from here. Other sites that carry Vietnam pictures include and
Listen to live Vietnamese Radio broadcasts from Southern California : VietnamRadio; VNCR, and Canada : VNCB.

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The Vietnam Pictures Collection of Hoàng Khai Nhan. Includes contributions from many photographers. Vietscape : Vietnamese Entertainment Network from San Jose, California. Also contains interesting descriptions of some well-known touristic sites in Vietnam.
Vietnam Portraits and Landscapes : Photographs by Peter Steinhauer. Visions Of Indochina : A gallery of photographs about Indochina by Paul Levrier.
A collection of photographs about Châu Doc, a city in Southwest Vietnam. By a native son. The changing skyline of Saigon : From the page of the Vietnam Venture Group.

  • Cycle Vietnam : An account of a 1200-mile bicycle trip from Hanoi to Saigon.
  • Images of Hanoi : An interesting page on Hanoi and its history.

Information on Vietnam from the Lonely Planet's site. Friendship Tours of Vietnam.
Tourism information provided by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hanoi. Additional WWW resources on travel to Vietnam.

Scenery of China Images from Japan
Images of Laos A tour of Angkor Wat

  • Quicktime clips from a cultural show, courtesy of the Vietnamese Students Association at the University of Michigan.

  • A page for Ngoc Lan, a popular singer.

An extensive collection of WWW links related to Vietnam. The Sino Gangstas page contains links to many WWW picture pages with East Asian themes.
Enter City.Net for information on many countries around the world. Australia-Vietnam Science-Technology Link. Many WWW pages with an emphasis on conservation and environmental issues in Vietnam.
Information on the "Voyage Through the Motherland" CD-ROM, issued by Coloa Publishing House. Passage to Vietnam : A preview of the well-known CD-ROM.

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