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The Walker Percy Project

Project Vision & Mission Statement

Original Statement of Objectives


The Vision of the Walker Percy Educational Project is to found and develop an Internet Literary Center where students, scholars, and general readers from around the world may participate and collaborate in a range of ongoing discussion, research, and educational activities on the important 20th century American writer to which the center is dedicated.

Our Mission

  1. Promote recognition for American Southern "philosophical" novelist Walker Percy as a world-class literary figure and artist;
  2. Sponsor regular public discussion and educational activities on his work and life that encourage student, professional, and general readers to interact with one another;
  3. Provide broad, comprehensive access to research materials, learning tools, and special resources related to Percy; and
  4. Create an enduring "online learning community" of participants regularly involved in the opportunities the literary center creates.

To carry out our mission, we:

  1. Compile, promote, and disseminate current and comprehensive information on the American novelist Walker Percy, the scholarship about his work, and their relevance to the humanities.

    —> provide information access

  2. Identify, solicit the interest of, and involve students, scholars, and general readers of Percy in a virtual learning community that breaks down divisions between professional and non-professional readers.

    —> create community

  3. Develop, coordinate, and maintain collaborative educational opportunities and interactions between these parties as focused on the literature of Percy.

    —> encourage collaboration

  4. Create and maintain a variety of services and tools designed to promote the ongoing reading of and critical inquiry and exploration into the literature of Percy.

    —> promote learning opportunities

  5. Collect, archive, and record all research materials, activities, resources, and other cultural artifacts related to the study of Percy in a central, publicly accessible location, including text, bibliographic, and multimedia resources.

    —> generate comprehensive resources

  6. Promote literacy, the study of language and literature, explore the relationship between technology, the humanities, and education, and demonstrate how an intentional, focused awareness of all is possible.

    —> inspire cultural impact

  7. Demonstrate the creative application of technology in the service of education as based upon emerging 21st century communication practices and procedures.

    —> demonstrate innovation

    March 1997