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The Walker Percy Project

About the Project

Information about the Project's scope, programs, and outreach

The Walker Percy Project, freely accessible to Percy students, general readers, and scholars over the web, is a comprehensive educational resource on the important late-20th century American novelist and philosopher it treats as its subject.

Because the Project is Internet-based, its educational resources and program activities are offered through its website. Not financially supported by the budget of any university, the Project is managed by a volunteer staff and assisted through in-kind support from organizational sponsors.

The Project has employed numerous programs to date to involve people in its discussion, research, and educational activities.

The Project has used numerous programs to date to involve people in its discussion, research, and educational activities. Among these are: Percy-L group discussion, scholarly materials requests, student annotations projects, and volunteer opportunities. Consistently, over 100 individuals from around the world participate in Percy-L. The Project's website is deliberately straightforward in its design and functionality in order to enhance website accessibility.

The online content of the Project's website is diverse and substantial, including essays by Percy scholars, photographs and personal remembrances, a broad array of research materials, and interactive learning exhibits on Percy. The Project expanded its multimedia materials — including video footage of Percy and of commentators on his work — and compilation of Percy culture links as components of the redesigned website launched for the Percy centennial.

The Project has received national publicity through appearances in literary journals, professional publications, newspaper articles, and magazine stories. Selected venues include: The Southern Quarterly, New Orleans Magazine, Austin-American Statesman, Texas Monthly, The Walker Percy Society Delta Factor Newsletter, and Publications of the Modern Language Association.

The Project has many individuals and groups to thank in its participants for their encouragement and contributions to the Project in its development. We are further grateful for those kind visitors who have offered their encouraging words of support for the Project.

June 2016

Additional Materials

The Walker Percy Educational Project is a volunteer effort. Though the Project is hosted by the Ibiblio Network of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, it is not formally associated with nor funded by any university, government, state, or other agency.
Fostering Inquiry into the Life, Work, and Thought of
20th Century American Writer and Philosopher Walker Percy, M.D.