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The Walker Percy Project

Director's Welcome

A Few Words of Welcome from the Director

Photograph of the director On behalf of all those who have participated in it, welcome to The Walker Percy Project.

As its founding director, I established The Project in 1995 as an early literary website both out of personal appreciation for and scholarly interest in Walker Percy's writings, as well as given his standing as a major late 20th century American author.

As interest in The Project grew, it evolved into a broad, collaborative effort and discussion of Percy's fiction and philosophical writings. The vision of The Project became to establish a permanent educational resource:

  • Bridging communities of students, general readers, and scholars;
  • Offering comprehensive and centralized access to resources and materials related to Percy; and
  • Advancing public humanities engagement and principles of academic excellence through the emerging Internet.

As content, you will enjoy The Project's introductory materials, topical essays, and educational tools, as well as its video footage, curated Internet links, and interactive exhibits. Scholars and students will find the scholarly book descriptions useful, while the Bookstore completes The Project as a readily-available means to purchase and encounter Percy's works first-hand.

For discussion opportunities, please consider participating in The Project's Percy-L listserv, Personal Stories Forum, and periodic slow reading group discussions of Percy works. Each venue provides a community where the public may openly explore his works on many cultural levels, exchange personal ideas and inspirations, and learn of Percy news.

Thank you for your interest in The Project's resources and opportunities in its aim to reach others with the significant legacy that is Walker Percy and his valuable insights into the human condition. I hope you will share news of The Project's many offerings with others.

March 2017

Henry P. Mills
Volunteer Founding Director & Editor

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Gratitude for What Others Have Said About The Project

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Special Acknowledgments & Credits

A further thank you to the Ibiblio Network of UNC-Chapel Hill for permanently hosting The Project website.


Fostering Inquiry into the Work, Thought, and Life of
20th century American Writer and Philosopher Walker Percy, M.D.