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The Walker Percy Project

Director's Welcome

A Few Words of Welcome from the Director

Photograph of the director Welcome to The Walker Percy Project. We are enthusiastic about the Project not only because of our belief in the work of Walker Percy, but also because of the nature of the Project as a collaborative, Internet-based educational resource that bridges inquiry into the major American author whose work it explores.

We envision the Project as a "dynamic information community," as a nexus of material resources and cultural discussion on Percy and his fiction and philosophical writings for all audiences, including students, general readers, and scholars alike. Besides offering broad textual and rich media content on Percy, the Project — recently expanded for the Percy centennial — continues to seek new ways to engage website visitors in its range of activities.

In addition to the Project's mainstays in the form of introductory materials and topical essays, educational tools, comprehensive bibliographies, and collected Internet links and current Percy-related news, our content development goals continue. We are adding more video footage, scholarly book descriptions, and creative learning tools such as the Walker Percy interactive-allegorical portrait to the scope of the Project.

We hope you enjoy the Project website and its many resources and will consider joining our discussion community through the Percy-L listserv, the Project Stories Forum, and our periodic slow reading group discussions of Percy works. We are indeed grateful to you for your supportive interest in our aim to reach others with the significant legacy that is Walker Percy and his thoughtful insights into the human condition.

May 2016

Henry P. Mills
Volunteer Founding Director & Editor

*The Project is dedicated to the memory of Dewey Winburne and John R. May for their early support and enduring display of community leadership, humility, and compassion toward others as educators.

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Objectives of The Walker Percy Educational Project

  1. Promote recognition for the American Southern, "philosophical" novelist Walker Percy as a major literary figure and thinker;
  2. Offer broad, centralized access to resources, people, and materials related to his work;
  3. Foster and nurture a "dynamic information community" where all persons interested in Percy may explore/exchange ideas about his impact, whether on a cultural or personal level, for students, general readers, and scholars; and
  4. Use advanced Internet technologies in the service of education for these objectives, particularly as they create a permanent, organized online learning resource on Percy.

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The Walker Percy Educational Project is a volunteer effort. Though the Project is hosted by the Ibiblio Network of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, it is not formally associated with, nor funded by any university, government, state, or other agency.
Fostering Inquiry into the Life, Work, and Thought of
20th Century American Writer and Philosopher Walker Percy, M.D.

Project Thanks

We would like to thank all of our Project Participants for their support, encouragement, and contributions to the Project.

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We also express appreciation for the kind words of What Others Have Said About the Project

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Special Acknowledgments