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Local media consolidations

One issue I want to address at the Triangle Bloggers Conference 2005 is the place of blogs as local media and in local media. We can start here if you like. Are we up for being We, the Media?
What’s making me think about this more often and, I hope, more deeply in the last few months are a few local media changes: WCHL as was noticed on Orange Politics went from very very local to mostly syndicated national shows after a visit from a consultant. The Herald-Sun‘s purchase by Paxton and today’s firing of what WRAL says is 20% of the Herald-Sun staff including four of the paper’s senior officers (Thanks to Phil Meyer for the alert on that one). Potential changes at the Chapel Hill News.
And nationally Pulitzer may be up for sale. With rumors that McClatchy, owner of the News and Observer and others, may be one of the next on the line.
Phil Meyer’s new book is the Vanishing Newspaper: Saving Journalism in the Information Age. It’s a good read for bloggers and for journalists.

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  1. Brian R.

    I’m up for being We, the media! I’ve written a introduction to podcasting. I originally posted it in on the Digital Divide Network blog. Folks over seem to really dig the info. It’s amazing how many people can benefit.

    Right now I’m working on what I call Citizen Journalist tech kits. It’s basically a set of instructions and inexpensive gear to facilitate mobile podcasting. I’d like to figure out a way to purchase a bunch of kits and give them away.

    My first effort towards this was to write how i’m doing mobile podcasts myself. A bit technical right now, but my goal is to greatly simplify the final How Tos.

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